My Geek Box Review – January 2021

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My Geek Box provided mystery box free of charge for review purposes. This does not affect the editorial content of the review.

The My Geek Box for January 2021 arrived with me rather late, following complications with Royal Mail’s attempt at offering a paid service for forwarding on mail. With that said, I’m glad that this box from The Hut Group did make it to me, as not all do.

This is a long-standing geek box from a UK company. As best I can tell, the boxes can differ a lot from subscriber to subscriber, so that does make these interesting to look inside. There is no information card provided.

If you would like to subscribe to My Geek Box, the price within the UK is £23 GBP ($29 USD) on a month-by-month basis. That price includes postage

Box Contents

Spider-Gwen Mini Heroes Figure

I like the Mini Heroes line of display pieces. And Spider-Gwen is a small but striking display piece.

I suspect I’d like this more if I hadn’t already received it in the December 2019 My Geek Box.

I’ll value this at $10 USD.

Thanos Mini Heroes Figure

A second Mini Heroes. Thankfully, this one is new to me.

Another good design from this range. It would display well.

I’ll value this one at $10 USD.

Harry Potter Hermione Eraser

A useful enough item, although I’d probably like it more if it hadn’t been in the June 2020 My Geek Box.

I’ll stick with the value I used previously of $3 USD.

Deadrising 4 Multi Tool

On the plus side, this is a very useful item. Like a swiss army knife, but without the branding. It even comes in a little bag.

It was originally a Loot Crate item. I didn’t receive it in Loot Crate, but unfortunately it is a duplicate for me as I have received it in the October 2018 Zavvi ZBox.

I’ll stick with the value I assigned previously of $4 USD.

Rick And Morty Mr Meeseeks Collectible Coin

I’ve had a few of these Rick and Morty Collectible Coins recently. This is another fun design.

It is billed as the My Geek Box Comicon variant 2.

The biggest downside. I also received a Mr Meeseeks coin in the September 2019 My Geek Box.

I think it is the same as before, but I would have to dig the old one out to see if there’s a subtle variant difference.

Regardless, I’ll use my standard valuation here of $5 USD.

Box Review

It’s a decent box, but at the risk of sounding repetitive, the items are repetitive to me.

I get $32 USD of value, which is slightly above the cost price.

It’s hard to get excited when four of the five items are duplicates, three of them from My Geek Box, the other from Zavvi (which is part of the same parent company, The Hut Group).

If these were new to me, I think I’d have quite liked the box. Two decent figures, some fun small items and a useful multi-tool. So the thought is there.

But ultimately, the duplicate items are a problem. I do like My Geek Box, but this one is quite a lucky dip.

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