GeekGear Unique Wands Mystery Box Review – 2022

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This is something of a historical review of a GeekGear special collection as the company no longer seems to be trading.

For many years, they were a mainstay of the UK geek subscription box world, offering a variety of subscriptions, including one with wands primarily inspired by Harry Potter and associated universities.

I took the opportunity to purchase three mystery wands, enclosed in plastic wrap. They were all nicely boxed and presented. I can’t immediately tell you what the wands symbolise so I’ll keep this review short, but they all look the part.


Box Contents

The Wands

Here are the three wands, all looking rather presentable. They’re made of a sturdy material, wood like, but really some form of plastic.

I think these would sell for $10 to $20 USD each individually.

Here are the wands in their boxes.

Here’s what they look like laid out together.

Here’s some more detail of the wands.

Box Review

It is a shame really that a lot of geek subscription boxes have closed down or just aren’t as visible as they used to be. A sign perhaps of the times and the economy.

Posts on this blog are much less frequent than they used to be as well.

I still think these boxes are a lot of fun to open and explore and I hope you’re enjoying them when you get chance.

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