Geek Box Review Summaries (Retired)

Geek Subscription Box brings you unboxing videos, news and reviews of nerd boxes available to UK fans. Generally, these may ship from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world.

This page contains details of reviewed boxes that no longer operate. They are here mainly for historical interest.

All the reviews are from boxes paid for by Geek Subscription Box, unless otherwise noted. Box providers are welcome to use the Contact page if they would like me to give an unbiased review items of interest to the geek community.

Retired/Ended Geek Subscription Boxes

Geek Box Name Latest Review
1Up Box January 2016
Adult Swim Box December 2017
Arcade Block January 2016
Box Of Horrors March 2017
Colossal Crate March 2016
Comic Block October 2016
Gamer Block Everyone January 2017
Horror Block December 2016
Infinity Crates – Classic March 2017
Infinity Crates – Premium October 2017
Kewel Boxes February 2017
Nerd Block January 2017
Noob Cube October 2015
Retro Pop Box February 2016
Sci-Fi Block January 2017
Scoff Club (Box of Sweets) September 2015
Stan Lee Box November 2017
Sticker Swaps April 2017
Super Geek Mystery Box April 2016
Thingamabox March 2016
TMNT Box March 2016