My Geek Box Review – May 2021

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My Geek Box provided mystery box free of charge for review purposes. This does not affect the editorial content of the review.

My Geek Box offers a selection of mystery geek items sent to your door every month.

The May 2021 box arrived in My Geek Box packaging, but in what was really quite a tiny box.

You can subscribe to My Geek Box. The price within the UK is £23 GBP ($29 USD) on a month-by-month basis, with postage included.

Box Contents

The Flash Figure

This is an Eaglemoss item, part of a collector’s bust series from the Batman Universe.

I don’t think I would collect this particular style of figure, but the Flash does work very well as a display piece.

I’ll value this at $15 USD.

Buzz Lightyear Keychain

This is a Toy Story 4 item. It is small and fills out the box, but I just don’t have enough keys for all of these.

I’ll value this at $5 USD.

Avengers Hulk Coin

This is part of a limited edition of only 1,000 collectible coins.

I do like the design, with has Hulk on one side and the Avengers logo on the back.

Not too much more to say about this one. I’ll value the coin at $5 USD.

Ewoks Wicket Coin

A second collectible coin. This Star Wars item is also part of a 1,000 item edition.

I’m less keen on this one than the other one, but it’s perfectly servicable.

Again, I’ll value this at $5 USD.

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Box Review

This a box which you’ll like if you enjoy collectible coins.

There is one decent item in The Flash Bust, but otherwise this is made up of light filler items.

My value here is $30 USD. Yours may be higher if you use more of a retail price for the coins.

Still, these are always fun to look inside and I got some collectible items I’d never have checked out otherwise.

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