Scoff Club Sweet Box Review – September 2015

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Scoff Club provided this sweet box free of charge for review purposes. This does not affect the editorial content of the review.

As a UK based mystery box review site, it’s always good to check out a wide range of boxes of interest to the general geek audience.

Scoff Club falls within that category, providing a monthly box of curated sweets each month, generally with a retro or traditional feel to them.

This is the first month they’ve operated with larger mystery boxes, and a £12.99 GBP price point (that’s approximately $20 USD – although the dollar value isn’t terribly useful in this review). The price includes first class Royal Mail delivery. This is a large box, so won’t fit in a standard UK letterbox.

The Scoff Club site FAQs advertises 1.1 kg of sweets each month. A letter accompanying the box to announce the change suggests 1kg of sweets.

Presentation for the box is excellent, including sturdy packaging, tissue wrap and individual labelled packages of sweets in sealed see through bags. The packets are all similar sized, although weights vary, depending on the type of sweet.

For the purposes of this review, I’ve roughly weighed the bags using my postage scales. They’re pretty accurate, but they are rounded to 10g increments. I’ve not attempted any exact pricing for the sweets.


Box Contents

Jelly Sharks – 150g

These are tasty and a good jelly design.

Scoff Club September 2015 Jelly Sharks

Love Hearts – 130g

I’ve not come across the mini tubes of Love Hearts before. Each of the round sweets has a heart on it and a message of love or friendship.

The small tubes make these great for sharing.

Scoff Club September 2015 Love Hearts

Foam Shrimps – 100g

These are not my favourite item in the box, as the flavour doesn’t quite work for me.

Lots of people will love these though. They have a similar texture to all other sweets of this kind.

Scoff Club September 2015 Foam Shrimps

Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles – 160g

I’ve also liked cola bottles, but never come across the cherry cola version before.

The cherry cola flavour works really well and I’d certainly buy these if I came across them in the shops.

Scoff Club September 2015 Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles

Fried Eggs – 160g

These are a similar texture to the foam shrimps, so not my favourite item in the box (but they still soon got eaten).

Scoff Club September 2015 Fried Eggs

Lemon and Lime Bon Bons 160g

Easily my favourite item in this month’s Scoff Club box.

I’ve always enjoyed Bon Bons, mainly the lemon flavour, so lemon and lime is a new combination to me.

Scoff Club September 2015 Lemon And Lime Bon Bons

The Jelly Bean Factory 50g

Somehow I missed photographing these individually, so I’ve had to crop this from the larger picture.

These are prepackaged, so this is the listed weight and, unlike many jellies, they are suitable for vegetarians.

These are made in Dublin, Ireland and probably available in some UK shops, although I don’t recall noticing them.

List price looks to be around £1 GBP (or you can buy Jelly Bean Factory at imported prices on

Scoff Club September 2015 Jelly Bean Factory

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Box Review

This is a great selection of sweets for nibbling on.

My rough calculation comes to 910g of sweets, including the jelly beans, but that isn’t an exact science.

At the 1kg weight, you’d be paying £1.30 per 100g of sweets, which compares favourably with shop prices, especially considering there are some rare sweets included in here (and this is much cheaper than pick and mix at my local cinema).

Including the first class postage, these are good buys.

There are some improvements that I’d like to see. An ingredients list (perhaps on a separate A4 sheet) would be appreciated, as this is not included on the individually packaged bags. There were a lot of jelly derived sweets this month, and something of the boiled sweet variety would also be a good addition.

Next month promises to be interesting, with a Halloween themed box.

For geeks who like sweets, Scoff Club is an excellent addition to the monthly mystery boxes.

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