My Geek Box Review – June 2020

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My Geek Box provided mystery box free of charge for review purposes. This does not affect the editorial content of the review.

I received the June 2020 My Geek Box delivered via an old address, with everyone inside surviving despite getting a bit soaked with a typical June downpour.

This box comes from The Hut Group and contains a selection of geek interest items each month. There is no information card provided, but the items do tend to be mainstream and easily branded items.

If you want to subscribe to My Geek Box, the price including postage within the UK is £23 GBP ($29 USD) on a month-by-month basis.

Box Contents

Batman T-Shirt

One of the most iconic geek logos in the world, with a multicolour makeover.

I’m not sure quite what the purpose of the colour scheme is. But who says there has to be a purpose? It looks cool enough anyway.

I’ll use my standard value for a T-Shirt of $10 USD.

Hermione Granger Eraser

I guess this does the trick. It’s a useful item.

I’ll value it at $3 USD.

Captain America EeekEez

I got two EekEez figures in the May 2020 My Geek Box. That trend has continued here as well.

These figures are carved out of the wood and come hand painted. The Captain America one looks pretty decent.

I’ll value this at $12 USD.

Hulk EeekEez

Another instantly recognisable Marvel character. Hulk translates well to wooden form.

I’ll value this one at $12 USD.

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Box Review

Three items of value and an eraser. I’ve had far worst selections inside geek boxes.

There’s good value here, with a total of $27 USD of items inside, above the cost price.

I like the T-Shirt and it’s good to build up my EekEez collection some more. The eraser is something of a nothing item, but it’s an improvement on pins and the like.

The main disappointment is that four items doesn’t seem so many when you’re unboxing, but I guess that’s par for the course these days.

The way My Geek Box handles its subscriptions, you may get very different items. But you do get officially licensed and interesting geek items.

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