TeeBlox Geek Box Review – December 2017

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TeeBlox delivers a T-Shirt to your door every month in a convenient envelope sized packaged.

There also used to be bonus items included with the T-Shirt, but these have disappeared in recent months.

Where the subscription stands out is that you can choose from a number of themes (I choose Marvel) and receive an official T-Shirt from that theme. TeeBlox also offers a completely separate subscription with community designed T-Shirts.

The December 2017 package arrived with my safely in the UK. The packaging is see though in some parts, so you can see the T-Shirt inside, although this was folded in such a way as to hide the front.

The pricing for this, on a monthly recurring basis, the standard pricing, including delivery to the UK is $25 USD (£20 GBP). Pricing is lower for delivery within the United States, where this may be a more cost-effective subscription.


Box Contents

“Avengers Assemble” T-Shirt

This is an official Marvel T-Shirt, but it’s rather a disappointment.

The main reason? I received exactly the same T-Shirt in the October 2017 TeeBlox!

Yes, just two months ago.

As this T-Shirt goes, it’s perfectly fine, printed on soft dark grey stock, and with childlike depictions of the Avengers. But it’s not one of my favourites and not one I want a duplicate of.

I value this at the T-Shirt standard of $10 USD.

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Box Review

It’s a Marvel T-Shirt.

Apart from that, I have to think that TeeBlox are struggling. They’ve reduced their offer and are delivering duplicates.

This was already the last TeeBlox in my current subscription and I wasn’t sure whether to resubscribe or not. Based on this package, I’ll give this a break.

The value of $10 USD is well below the cost price.

There are other T-Shirt subscription packages out there. TeeBlox has a lot of potential, but needs to find its feet again.

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