Zavvi ZBox Geek Box Review – April 2016

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The Zavvi ZBox is probably the most mainstream of the geek boxes available in the UK, running regular promotions and marketing campaigns and being advertised on websites outside of the typical reach of the geek audience.

The theme for the April 2016 box was Batman, presumably designed to capitalise on the Batman Vs Superman movie hype as well as to celebrate the always popular superhero.

As usual, the box arrived smoothly through Royal Mail. And, as usual, the slightly odd delivery notification system provided an email on the day that the box was out for delivery, but not in advance.

The box arrived in other plastic wrap, but with a new simpler box design that previously included within it (largely a brown recycled looking box with black superhero print on it). It will be interesting to see if that the planned box design from now on.

To set the price point for the Zavvi ZBox, the usual price to sign up for a rolling month-by-month subscription is £19.99 GBP ($28 USD). That price includes delivery within the UK. There are often incentives available for new subscriptions if you sign up at the right time of the month.

The box contains a short and useful mini magazine with more details about the items included within it.


Box Contents

Batman Wayne Manor T-Shirt

There’s no mention of this being an exclusive, but I presume that it’s currently only available through Zavvi.

The mini magazines makes more of this being based on the Batman logo, but to me this is reflective of Wayne Manor.

This is a good design, classic black background with two subtle colours printed on top that work well with it. This is a T-Shirt that will get worn.

I value this at the T-Shirt standard of $10 USD.

Zavvi ZBox April 2016 Batman TShirt

Build Your Own Batmobile 3D Puzzle

This is a fun Paladone item. You put together 33 puzzle pieces (across 8 puzzle sheets) to assemble a 3D model of the Batmobile.

The finished model is about 10″ from end-to-end.

You can see the Build Your Own Batmobile 3D Puzzle on here.

I expect that the prices there are rather inflated, as this is a UK release.

A more standard price point for this in the UK is $10 USD.

Zavvi ZBox April 2016 Build Your Own Batmobile

Batman And Robin Jigsaw Puzzle

This is an unusual puzzle as it’s packaged in a small tin. There are 150 pieces listed, so presumably these must be small.

It is a fun item to have had included in the box.

I can’t easily find this exact puzzle online, but I’ll value this at $10 USD, which seems like a typical price point for this type of official item.

Zavvi ZBox April 2016 Batman And Robin Jigsaw Puzzle Tin

Batman Playing Cards

This is another item released by Paladone from the UK. The cards are nicely stylish and come in a protective storage tin to stop them being damaged.

There are quite a few different versions of Batman playing cards available on

I’ll value this set at $10 USD.

Zavvi ZBox April 2016 Batman Playing Cards

The Joker Kawaii Cube Plush

I’ve not come across this line of plushes before, which are cube shaped versions of the head of DC heroes and villains. There are 16 listed in this first series to collect.

The ZBox mini magazine doesn’t mention which plush is included, so I presume that this will be one out of a whole selection that fit the theme.

As this is the Joker, I’m sure that it’s also one of the coolest in the selection. The plush is approximately a 2.5″ by 2.5″ by 2.5″ cube.

You can see the Kawaii Cube for the Joker on The value point is around $14 USD.

The information booklet also points out that you can stack these Kawaii items (as they have a square format), which is quite fun.

Zavvi ZBox April 2016 The Joker Kawaii Cube

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Box Review

The value for this Zavvi ZBox is there as usual. I make that $54 USD of items, which is way above the cost price.

The box does seem slightly light on contents. I’d have liked to have seen a book, graphic novel or comic inside the box, particularly considering the theme. But, it’s pleasing to see that there are no really low value items.

The T-Shirt is well-designed and the items generally reflect fun. The plush is also suitably different to others that I’ve seen in geek boxes. This was a nice surprise to unbox.

I continue to recommend the main monthly Zavvi ZBox. Do keep looking out for their next box.

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