WWE Slam Crate Geek Box Review – December 2016

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A slight detour today into another type of fandom that often attracts a geek audience, this review is for WWE Slam Crate, a box that’s part of the Loot Crate family.

Loot Crate now offers quite a few boxes for very specific audiences and linked to a well-known franchise and mostly released every other month. That schedule is the main for WWE Slam Crate, a box that promises exclusive WWE items, several of which are featured on WWE TV shows in the run up to the release of the box.

This review is for the second WWE Slam Crate, released in December 2016, although it took about a month to reach me in the UK. The last leg of delivery in the UK came through Royal Mail. This box is slightly bigger and heavier than the regular Loot Crate box.

Loot Crate have recently changed its software to automatically convert their USD pricing into GBP, meaning that this will change regular depending on the exchange rate. As best I can work out, getting a single crate shipped to the UK costs $45 USD (comparing with $35 USD to ship this within the US). That translates to around £36 GBP. This also passes the threshold at which these boxes could also be hit with import taxes and various other processing fees, which would push the imported cost up to around £50 GBP. I didn’t have to to pay the extra, but it’s risk to weigh up if thinking about ordering in the future.

The box was slightly marked up during its journey, but nothing inside was damaged.

I can’t recall if the box was advertised with a theme, but looking inside, this was billed as Dream Big. The page with information about the items also unfolded to provide a short interview with Bayley and a photo poster of the Ultimate Warrior with his classic 1980s look (I haven’t included this in the overall box valuation).

Box Contents

A J Styles T-Shirt (Exclusive)

This is a good simple design with retro styling. Dark grey stock with a white, faded look, print.

This was worn by A J Styles on Smackdown back in November as well.

I value this at the T-Shirt standard of $10 USD.

John Cena Metals Die Cast Figure (Exclusive)

This is a 4″ figure from the Jada Metals collection and is a nice change to the vinyl figures often found in geek boxes.

This differs from the standard figure as John Cena is wearing a different outfit (the one he wore on the day he received an award for granting 500 wishes).

You can see the standard John Cena Metals Die Cast figure on Amazon.com.

The value for the standard figure is $15 USD, which I’ll also use as the value for the exclusive.

Daniel Bryan Beanie (Exclusive)

This is a simple stylish beanie hat with Daniel Bryan’s catchphrase printed on the front.

I like simple designs like this, so this works for me.

Based on similar items, I’ll value this at $10 USD.

Bayley Teddy Bear (Exclusive)

This is a well-made 5″ teddy bear, dressed in a Bayley styled outfit, complete with green headband.

This one looks the part.

Another item that’s unusual and hence hard to value. Looking at other teddy bears, I’ll use a $10 USD value here.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Pin (Exclusive)

Although I’m not much of a fan of receiving pins in boxes, this is a step above the normal ones found inside, showing one of the most famous wrestling championships in the world.

This is an enamel pin, bigger than the typical pins found in geek boxes.

Like all of the other items, this carries the dual WWE Slam Crate and Loot Crate branding.

I know that people do collect these WWE items so I’ll value this at $5 USD.

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Box Review

A fun WWE box to own. I value this at $50 USD, which is just above the cost price.

All of the items are exclusives and so some people may put a higher value than I have on these, particularly regarding the John Cena figure. As a WWE fan, I’m happy, although the cost of shipping to the UK and the risk of higher charges will make it difficult for me to convince myself to buy the box on a regular basis.

I like all of the items, but particularly the John Cena figure and the Bayley Bear.

If you’re a WWE fan, you should check out WWE Slam Crate and get exclusive items like these delivered to your door.

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