Wootbox Geek Box Review – April 2019

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I picked up the Wootbox through a sale they had through the UK firm Zavvi. They did largely advertise the contents in advance, so I did choose one of the more interesting looking ones, but otherwise this is just as it would be received directly from Wootbox.

This is the April 2019 box, with the theme Versus.

The box for this one is smaller than many, but the contents were tightly packed. There is an information sheet inside as well, although this is in French!

The subscription price for having to Wootbox delivered to the UK has recently been £27 GBP ($34 USD) including postage. However, at the time of writing the review, UK shipments are currently on pause, possibly due to Brexit. I’ve left links in the review so you can check this out and see if these have resumed.

Box Contents

Warcraft T-Shirt

A nice simple design, black stock with white, red and purple print. I do like these designs that don’t stand out too much.

This is an official Blizzard item.

I’ll value this at my usual T-Shirt price of $10 USD.

One Punch Man Blind Bag Backpack Hanger

This is a Japanese manga series which has since been made into Anime. I don’t too much about it.

The character inside the mystery bag can be hung off a backpack. I guess you could also put it on a keyring but it would be a bit big.

I got what I presume is the main character in a blue tracksuit.

A fun enough item. I’ll value this at $5 USD.

Pokemon Mug

A nicely boxed mug. Very presentable.

You can see a selection of Pokemon mugs on Amazon.com.

I can’t see this exact one, but I’ll value this at $10 USD.

Iron Man Funko Pop! Vinyl

This was one of several possible Funko Pop! Vinyls that might have been in the box.

Iron Man is cool looking, with this version coming from the Avengers movie. It is Funko #467.

I believe this one started as a special edition, although there’s no indication on the box.

You can see Iron Man Funko Pop! Vinyls on Amazon.com. I can’t spot this exact version, but based on sold prices elsewhere I’ll value this at $15 USD.

Fight Club Pin

Like many other boxes, this one comes with a monthly pin.

It doesn’t do much for me, but it’s a decent enough example of the type. I’ll assign a token value of $1 USD.

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Box Review

A cool selection of items here.

I get $41 USD of value, which is pretty decent for a geek box (and a great deal for me as I picked this up at a discount). At full price, it wouldn’t be much of a saving, but if you’re in a country with lower shipping costs, you’ll get a better deal.

There are three items in the box with real value, the mug, the T-Shirt and the cool Pop! Now, I can’t guarantee you’ll get these every time as I chose the past box based on the previews, but this one certainly worked for me.

I hope to pick up an up-to-date Wootbox when that options become available again.

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