TeeBlox Geek Box Review – November 2018

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It’s almost a year since I last reviewed TeeBlox, a subscription service that delivers a T-Shirt the USA to your door every month, so I decided to give their November 2018 offer a go.

This is one of these subscriptions that has changed completed in a short time. They used to send official T-Shirts. Now they send T-Shirts sourced from their own community design team, which I guess has to be more cost effective. It does mean that you know you’re getting something unique.

In the past, they supplied bonus items like comics and stickers. Now, it is literally just a T-Shirt inside a plastic envelope. The envelopes aren’t even custom any more. There’s just a TeeBlox sticker used to indicate where it’s from.

This subscription does still have one big selling point and that’s it will fit straight into the letterbox. No need to mess around with collecting it from a depot or arranging delivery times if you’re not in.

TeeBlox still offer themes to choose from, although I hear they often design T-Shirts that could fit into multiple themes. I decided to be daring and went for Art. When you see the T-Shirt later in the review, you can decide which other themes it would fit in with.

The price has dropped a bit since I last reviewed it, which I guess is because the shipping costs have dropped. To subscribe for a month, delivered to the UK, this will cost you $18 USD (£14 GBP). You can also save money if you subscribe for a longer time period.


Box Contents

Art T-Shirt

This is a good space inspired design, rather abstract.

It does fit within the idea of art, but you can probably guess whichever themes you could apply.

I do like the way it’s printed on simple black T-Shirt stock.

I value this at my usual figure of $10 USD.

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Box Review

Can’t fault the T-Shirt. It’s a decent enough design and one I’d be happy to be seen in public wearing.

I value standard T-Shirts like this at $10 USD, which is obviously less than the price I paid, but you may put more value on this.

There can also be discount offers floating around at various times.

As I said at the start of the review, this is one of these subscriptions that provides a bit of fun if you’re new to geek boxes and geek collections. You’ll be paying a little over the odds in the UK, but you might just find a unique winning T-Shirt in there.

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