Super Loot Geek Comic Subscription Review – April 2017

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Super Loot is a UK company that offers a choice of different mystery boxes. It has a main subscription box sending a selection of geek items, similar to others in the field. But what you might not know is that is also offers other specialist boxes, including a candy box and a comic box.

The Super Loot Comic Box is the one that’s reviewed here.

I say box, although actually this one comes as a wrapped package with the comics (and possibly other items) included inside.

Super Loot offers a choice of sizes for its Comic Box.

This review covers the 32 comic box, which sells for £37.99 GBP ($48 USD per month). There is also a smaller 16 comic version available for £19.99 GBP ($25 USD) per month. I joined during a limited time offer.

The comics are ones from the archives, rather than current issues, so there’s no guarantee that all subscribers will receive the same package. Similarly, there’s no information card included in the package, although there was a promotional leaflet.

The comics were almost all in very good and many looking like they’d not been read. Some, but not all, of the comics were bagged. My box also contained a bonus item, which was good to find.

The comics came from a variety of publishers and genres. There were no duplicates, although there were more than one comic from the same run in some cases. In one case, the same comic was included but with different comics.

Due to the number of comics, I’m not going to attend to provide a detailed analysis of each, or to individually value them. But I’ll use the review to show what was included and point out some general observations.


Box Contents

DC Comics Dress Up Napkins

This is the only non-comic item in the box and rather a nice bonus.

These are made by Paladone in the UK and would brighten up many dinner tables. There are 24 napkins included across 4 designs, covering Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin and Superman.

You can see the DC Comics Napkins on Their typical value is $7 USD.

1. Aeon Flux Comic

This is #4 of 4 from Dark Horse Comics.

It dates back to January 2006.

2. Alien Pig Farm Comic

An unusual name for a comic!

This is an Image comic from 2007 and is #3 in the series.

3. Astonishing X-Men Comic

One of the better known series in the Super Loot collection, this is #22 from October 2007.

4. Beyond Comic

A Virgin Comics release. Not the brand I most immediately associate with comics.

This is the first of four issues from 2008.

5. Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion Comic

This is a rarity from 1955, but still in excellent condition. The pages inside are in limited colour, as was the style of that era.

It looks as though this was a limited series release and a promotional item for Heinz.

6. Cerebus Church and Comic #24

From January 1992. This is black and white throughout.

7. Annihilation: Conquest Quasar Comic

This is the first of a four issue series from 2007.

Another interesting looking comic from Marvel.

8. Danger Girl Body Shots Comic

The first of a three issue run from DC’s Wildstorm brand.

This dates back to 2007.

9. Galaxy Quest Comic

An IDW release, this one is from 2008.

It’s the first issue from the run.

10. Iron Man Comic

This is #5 of 6, from a 2008 run.

11. Judge Dredd Comic

The first of two Judge Dredd comics in the box.

This is #8 dating back to 1984.

Great condition for the age, although you can easily see that the paper they used them is nowhere near the quality we get in most comics now.

12. Judge Dredd Comic

Comic #31, this dates back to 1986.

These are both billed as Eagle Comics Presents.

13. Majestic Comic

This is issue 14, dating from 2005.

14. Masters Of Horror Comic

This is an IDW comic and is #4 in the run. It’s the second part of an adaptation of a HP Lovecraft story.

This dates back to 2006.

Good to see the horror genre represented in the box.

15. More Than Mortal Comic

This is issue 2 and is a 1997 release.

The information in the comic says that this is based on Irish Legends.

16. The Nightly News Comic

This is an Image comics release and is issue 4.

It dates from February 2007 with quite a unique art style.

17. Outsiders Comic

A 1993 release, this is issue #1 in the series from DC.

18. The Shadow Comic

This is Volume 1, Issue 1, released in 2012 by Image. Looks interesting.

19. Skye Runner Comic

This is the first of two copies of the same comic, with alternate covers.

This is #2 of a DC Comics release from 2006.

20. Skye Runner Comic

The same comic as above, but with a different cover.

Not sure which one of the two I prefer.

21. Slash Maraud Comic

The 3rd of a 6 part series from January 1998.

This is from DC and carries a Mature Readers warning.

22. Spotlight on Jim Lee Comic

From February 2007, this is a bit different, collecting together comic art.

23. Supernatural Freak Machine Comic

This comic comes from IDW and dates back to 2005.

It’s the first issue of the run and billed as a mystery, which I presume has a supernatural twist.

24. The Astounding Wolf-Man Comic

Comic #2 from July 2007. This is an Image comics release.

25. The Executioner Comic

This is an IDW comic from 2008, continuing the adventures of the long-running character.

This is issue #4 of the run.

26. The Keep Comic

The first of two issues in the box. This one is Issue 2 from IDW and dates from 2005.

Unusually, it’s printed on card like paper.

27. The Keep Comic

This is issue #5 from the Keep and moves the range forward to March 2006.

28. The Order Comic

Issue 5 from 2008. This is a Marvel release.

29. Thunderbolt Jaxon Comic

Release #2 of 5, the cover says this is from the world of Albion.

This dates back to 2005.

30. Ultimate Vision Comic

A Marvel release, this is issue 4 of 5 from 2007. I’ve seen some of the Ultimate universe series before, but this one is new to me

31. Wildsiderz Comic

This has a Forbidden Planet Dublin label attached to the bag.

I believe that this is issue 0, from 2005.

32. World War Hulk Gamma Corps Comic

A highly recognisable character. This is number 3 of a 4 issue limited series.

It dates from November 2007.

33. X Ray Comic

Rounding off the run, we have a comic advertised for mature audiences.

This is the first episode from February 1998 and is black and white inside.

Lots of short comic strips, a style that’s something of a rarity now.

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Box Review

There’s little that you could complain about here. An interesting collection of comics to go through.

There are more comics than I expected (33 instead of 32). There are also the additional napkins, which really add to the box.

I’m not going to attempt to value the comics, but if you value them at $1 USD each, the total box value comes to $40 USD. That’s just below the $48 USD box price.

If you value the comics at $2 USD each, the total box value is $71 USD, which is well above the purchase price. I expect that the true value is somewhere between the true, but you certainly come out ahead.

How well you value this will also depend on how far you like having random comics from during the runs. There are a lot of first issues here with most comics dating from between 2005 and 2008. I don’t know if that’s deliberate, but it’s a good period to look back on.

I found the 1955 comic to be a real novelty too. There’s plenty of good stuff.

Because of the sheer volume of comics, I don’t know if I’ll review this again soon. That’s nothing to do with the standard of the package, just that’s there’s too much stuff to write a good detailed review.

But don’t let that put you off. If you love mystery comics, this is one of the top ways to check out a load of new (and old) comic titles in one swoop.

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