Sticker Swaps Geek Box Review – April 2017

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Sticker Swaps provided this product free of charge for review purposes. This does not affect the editorial content of the review.

Sticker Swaps is a pretty unique subscription offering, sending a set of stickers in an envelope to your door every month.

What sets this apart from other subscriptions is that they collect together rare, unusual and unique stickers. I believe that many of the included stickers are exclusives, produced in small quantities, although the envelope doesn’t contain any more information about where they’ve been sourced from or the artists involved.

This is a UK based subscription, with everything sent in a convenient letter box sized envelope, with a smaller sealed plastic bag inside with the April 2017 stickers. Unusually, Sticker Swaps ship the subscription anywhere in the world, with no additional postage charge, so this could be a great first subscription for someone outside the UK wanting to start an international subscription.

A monthly subscription weighs in at $10 USD (£8 GBP). Although this is shipped from within the UK, the pricing is in US dollars.

I won’t attempt to value stickers individually in this review, but will just you a flavour of the style and variety of stickers included.

Box Contents

Walrus Sticker

A fun large cartoon style walrus.

Computer Monitor Character Sticker

This reminds me of old style PCs, with lots for disks.

Staring Eye Sticker

This is a round sticker, probably a single eye, but it could also be a stone section of some kind.

Crossbones Sticker

There are two bones here, crossed over in an X style.

Snail Sticker

This is a snail with a large shell, sat comfortably on blocks of wood.


I think these different size stickers fit well together. They could both be cats, or one could be a fox. You decide.

Hustle Hard Stay Humble Sticker

A good phrase which I can see would work well stuck on a load of items. Nice to have some wordy stickers.

Saucepan Sticker

One of my favourites of the month, showing a saucepan bubbling away on the stove.

Mountains Logo Style Sticker

I’m sure this round design references something but I can’t quite place what. The mix of sun and show works well.

Logo Sticker

The final item shows the company logo and came separate to the sealed inner packet (I didn’t spot in when I made the video).

This is the same as last month, so I suspect there’s one of these included every month.

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Box Review

Some fun sticker designs included in Sticker Swaps. There are 11 stickers this time, one more than the previous month, although one is a duplicate.

No value assessment, but if you like unusual sticker designs, all cut to handy sizes, this subscription might be for you. At standard pricing, you’re paying just under $1 USD per sticker.

The larger stickers are the ones that stand out to me and the character stickers work well here. You could soon build up a collection of them as I see the same design style coming through.

I think this is a good introductory subscription if you’re new to the geek box world. If you like unusual stickers, check out Sticker Swaps.

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