My Geek Box Review – October 2015

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My Geek Box is rather an enigma. I’ve had major issues with customer service with the firm, to the extent of having several months of payments taken out of two separate credit cards account with no boxes sent and no sign of promised refunds.

Then, just when my account looked clear and the subscriptions all cancelled, I received another box.

I’m still waiting to see if my credit card is charged or not (I certainly hope not, I’m still six boxes in credit based on the lack of refunds).

If you are looking to subscribe, a single monthly box sent within the UK costs £17.99 GBP ($27 USD). I didn’t receive shipping notification for this box, but it was sent by Royal Mail, which is always a positive.

My Geek Box doesn’t contain an information card, but the theme for October 2015 was Horror, reflecting the Halloween timing.


Box Contents

Boo! T-Shirt

This is a simple design, with a black background and white printed text. A design that’s very wearable.

This one isn’t an exclusive (I’ve seen a link, for instance, to show it being sold on the UK high street), but it’s probably not that common a design either.

I value it at the T-Shirt standard of $10 USD.

My Geek Box October 2015 Boo TShirt

Blood Hand Prints Tea Towel

In the absence of a information card, my best bet for what looks like a piece of cloth with sewn up sides is a large tea towel.

This is certainly something that’s useful and will get people talking.

I’ll value this at $5 USD.

My Geek Box October 2015 Tea Towel

Two Zombie Outbreak Stickers

These are reverse printed stickers to go on glass, such as on a car windscreen.

I always find items like this quite tacky, so they’re likely to end up in the bin. I’ll value them at $1 USD.

My Geek Box October 2015 Stickers

Zombies Metal Wall Sign

These’s some weight to this metal wall sign, which warns of a potential zombie outbreak.

There are a variety of Zombie Wall Signs available on

I can’t see this particular one, but I’ll value it at a mid range price of $7 USD.

My Geek Box October 2015 Wall Sign

Dracula Wooden Block Puzzle

This is a fun item of the type that makes a good Christmas present.

There’s a load of blocks that make up a Dracula figure. The puzzle is to turn the blocks into a cube.

The Dracula wooden block puzzle sells for $15 USD on

Happy to have received this in the box.

My Geek Box October 2015 Dracula Puzzle

Twisted Dark Volume One Graphic Novel

The other main contribution to the weigh of the box was this thick graphic novel, which runs to just over 200 black and white pages.

This is a collection of 11 tales from Twisted Dark. They’re all in the short story format and interconnected. I’ve read the start of this and enjoyed it.

This isn’t a brand new release (it’s dated 2011), but has held its value. Twisted Dark Volume One sells for $15 USD on

My Geek Box October 2015 Twisted Dark Graphic Novel

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Box Review

Putting the issues I’ve had with My Geek Box to one side, this is the best of the recent My Geek Box crates.

A good theme, and five decent items (I can’t call the stickers decent), makes this a worthwhile box.

I get $53 of value, which is nearly double the box cost price.

The stand out item is the Twisted Dark collection (I love receiving books of all types in boxes) and I do like the little Dracula puzzle as well.

The tea towel is useful too, we need more functional items like that in boxes.

I don’t know if I’ll receive a My Geek Box next month. I certainly hope to do, but am not willing to pay for another until the outstanding financial issues are sorted.

I hope that the high standard of My Geek Box will continue to next month.

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