My Geek Box Review – July 2021

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My Geek Box provided mystery box free of charge for review purposes. This does not affect the editorial content of the review.

My Geek Box offers a selection of mystery geek items sent to your door every month.

The July 2021 items arrived in a giant box.

Subscriptions to My Geek Box are available. The price within the UK is £23 GBP ($29 USD) on a month-by-month basis, with postage included.

Box Contents

Marty McFly Figure

This would be cool, but it was a duplicate from the previous month.

I’ll keep the same value of $8 USD.

Alien Lambert Figure

This comes in a giant box. I was expecting a giant figure inside, but actually it’s the same size as most other figures. Such a waste of packaging.

I’ll value this at $10 USD.

Star Trek Shipyards Encyclopedia

A very interesting item, especially if, like me, you like receiving books inside the box.

I believe this was originally part of the Eaglemoss collectors series of model starships.

A winner for me. I’ll value this at $10 USD.

Jurassic Park Key ring

Something about receiving a non-English key ring suddenly makes this seem so much more interesting. Don’t ask me why!

I’ll value this at $5 USD.

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Box Review

I get the impression I should like this box more than I do.

There’s $33 USD of value here, after all, which is pretty decent.

I think two things soured me on it. One is the duplicate item, the other is the oversized figure.

I do like the book and the key ring is a fun item.

My Geek Box does continue to be worth a look.

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