My Geek Box Review – April 2018

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This isn’t a complete mistake, or a review I’ve posted two years too late. I ordered a mystery package of My Geek Box items as part of an offer. They didn’t send me a selection of items, but instead an entire old box – thankfully one I hadn’t ordered before.

So, here’s a chance to look back at the My Geek Box for April 2018. This was from the time when My Geek Box still included an information card, which was helpful.

If you want to subscribe to My Geek Box with the current arrangement, this costs £23 GBP ($29 USD) on a month-by-month basis. That price does include postage within the UK.

Box Contents

Revenge Of The 800 Foot Astro Ape 3D T-Shirt (Exclusive)

A white T-Shirt with a design printed using the traditional cinema 3D colours of the past.

Something a bit different.

I’ll use my standard value for a T-Shirt of $10 USD.

3D Glasses

These match up with the T-Shirt. They’re the traditional kind of 3D glasses you might have got in the cinema, or free with a TV guide for a special film showing on the TV.

I tried them on the T-Shirt and didn’t get a 3D effect. They did put the same print of the small information card and it worked better there.

I won’t assign a value for these, but they’re always handy to have around for old TV and film productions.

Pint Size Heroes Horror Blind Bag

This is a tiny mystery figure, just over an inch tall, made by Funko and dating back to 2017.

I got Krampus.

These always sell for a lot more than I think they’re worth (considering how small they are compared to other figures and that you can’t choose which one you get). I’ll value this at $5 USD.

Ready Player One Lenticular Coasters

This film had only recently been released at the time this box originally shipped (the book had been out for much longer).

They’re a decent usable set of coasters, produced by Paladone in the UK.

You can see these Ready Player One Drinks Coasters on Based on the selling price, I’ll value them at $6 USD.

Incredible Hulk POP! Pen And Pen Topper

This a fun item that fits on top of your pen. It’s made by Funko.

You also get a pen with it.

Here’s where you can see the Hulk POP! Pen Topper on I’ll value this at $6 USD.

The Gamers’ Survival Guide Book

A fun hardback book, smaller in size than most with just over 60 pages. It comprises one and two page activities, many about exercise and fitness, with lots of pictures.

A decent enough item to delve into for a few minutes. Always good to have books in boxes.

Based on the official selling price, I’ll value this one at $8 USD.

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Box Review

I would have been quite happy to have received this box first time around. As a bonus box, I can’t complain either.

I get $35 USD of value, which is above the cost price. The book is probably overpriced, but it will get a quick read and all the items have some value.

My Geek Box continues to offer a monthly subscription box and is one of the longest established mystery boxes shipping from the UK.

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