Merchant Of Magic Mystery Box Review – August 2020

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The Merchant Of Magic Mystery box is a mystery box of magic tricks, sent from a popular UK magic shop. This isn’t a subscription box as such. They release one mystery box each month in limited numbers. The first people to buy get the contents.

Including UK postage, the price is £28 GBP (that’s $35 USD). Delivery was fast, arriving two days after I ordered.

The contents this month arrived in a plain brown box, with a little Mystery Box sticker on the front. The box had been rather knocked around during transit, but the contents were all fine.

There is no information sheet included with this one.


Box Contents

Repair Magic Trick

This comes in a DVD size case, containing an instructional DVD and other items needed to make the magic happen. This is the classic torn and restored card trick.

The trick is from Juan Capilla.

The reviews of this one are not great and you need to supply your own playing cards. But the selling price is high and I’ll use that to give a value of $30 USD.

Steve Rowe’s Supa Chupa Scoopa Lolly Trick

This comes in a thin package, essentially containing the components to make the trick work, including a special playing card (you need to supply the rest of the pack yourself).

The effect is to swap the logo from a lollipop with the contents of a playing card. Pretty fun.

Based on the selling prices, I’ll value this at $20 USD.

The Power Of Love Magic Trick

This is a packaged item by David Regal that consists of a packet of cards and other items necessary for the trick to work.

It has a fun effect where spectators end up seeing hearts. Love had prevailed.

To me, this isn’t the most exciting item, but it is reassuringly expensive. I’ll value this at $20 USD.

Mortalis Playing Cards

This is part of a limited edition set of premium playing cards. designed in such a way to help magic tricks to work. You can read more elsewhere, but I’m not here to give away the secrets.

These ones are high quality and I’ll value them at $15 USD.

Drumsticks Squashies Sweets

I won’t assign a value to these, but it’s nice to have a little treat like this inside the box.

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Box Review

A selection of magic tricks with value far beyond the mystery box.

Based on selling price alone, there is $85 USD of value here, well above the cost price.

Where it is disappointing is that these are all card tricks. More variety would have been nice. But still, this is a good way to cheaply explore different ideas.

Like many mystery boxes, this is of interest to a limited audience, but if you want to explore magic and aren’t bothered about the latest tricks being included, the Merchant of Magic Mystery Box is the way to go.

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