Marvel Gear And Goods Geek Box Review – January 2020

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Marvel Gear And Goods is a Loot Crate family box, released every two months. The items inside are all official Marvel items.

The theme for January 2020 was advertised as Red, a catchy theme. The box arrived with me safely in the UK with a catchy comic book style print around the outside. Unfortunately it did get wet and slightly damaged, but all the items were okay. Much less satisfactorily, the box was continually delayed and didn’t arrive until June 2020. Even then, I didn’t get a dispatch notification so the arrival was a surprise.

I’m used to the box containing an information card, but this was missing. Instead a link was provided to find out more information about the items online. All of them were billed as exclusives.

This is one of the premium Loot Crate boxes and the price, including shipping to the UK, has gone up since I last reviewed this. You’re looking at £42 GBP ($53 USD) per box, although some discounts are available if you sign up for longer period subscriptions.


Box Contents

Daredevil T-Shirt (Exclusive)

I have to say, this is a simple design but it really works for me. A red T-Shirt, with a black print showing classic Daredevil comic book art. It’s quite subtle for a superhero T-Shirt as well.

I’ll value this at my usual price point for T-Shirts of $10 USD.

Scarlet Witch Cushion (Exclusive)

This was so vacuum packed, I had no idea it was a cushion when I unpacked the box. It’s perfectly functional, but the cushion is small and not terribly comfortable.

I’ll value this at $6 USD.

Iron Man Bag Tags (Exclusive)

A nice enough item and a change from the small item in many boxes being a pin.

They would be useful to identify your bag when picking it up at the airport.

I’ll value these at $4 USD for the pair.

Red Guardian Metal Sign (Exclusive)

This is small but nicely printed. I’m not sure it’s something I’d want as a display piece, but it will work for other people.

I’ll value the sign at $5 USD.

Spider-man Hat (Exclusive)

I think this my favourite item of the month.

A simple baseball cat, but it has webbing printed underneath, giving a cool effect.

These caps are reassuringly expensive. You can see a selection of Spider-man Caps on

Definitely one I will wear. I’ll value this at $15 USD.

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Box Review

I do want to like this, as I like several of the items.

The problem is, the value for the box just isn’t there. I get $40 USD of value, which is down on the cost price.

I do really like two of the items, the T-Shirt and the hat. The others are rather meh! With that said, they do all fit the theme well and there’s nothing that’s totally devoid of value.

This is one of these boxes I’m happy to pick up occasionally or when I really like the theme, but it’s just too expensive to get every time.

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