Lootchest Geek Box Review – November 2015

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There aren’t many reviews of Lootchest online, at least not in the English language.

The reason for that is simple. Lootchest is a German geek subscription box and most of the information about the box is in German. They do appeal to the English language audience as well. The information booklet does contain English descriptions (although they are shorter than the German ones). And, they ship to the UK.

A monthly subscription costs 32.93 euros, approximately £24 GBP or $37 USD including the premium for shipping to the UK. Discounts are available for longer commitments. You can also upgrade to a premium box with an additional item.

Shipping to the UK this month was improved upon this month. I received a German language notification of shipping (easily translated with Google) and the box arrived five days later, with the UK part of the delivery though Royal Mail.

The box is of a decent size and sturdy. This month’s box had quite a bit of weight to it.

As far as I can see, these boxes aren’t themed, but that’s no bad thing, as it allows for a more varied selection of items (and lots of surprises when you unpack).


Box Contents

Vault Hunter T-Shirt

I’m slightly on the back foot here, as I’ve not played either of the games, but based on the mini magazine description, this is a mashup of Borderlands and Fallout.

I do like the high quality T-Shirts supplied in Lootchest – good material and well-printed. I don’t think that these are exclusives, but they pick out T-Shirts that I wouldn’t otherwise have come across.

The blue material and decent colour scheme both work for me.

I’ll use the standard valuation for this of $10 USD.

Lootchest November 2015 TShirt

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Titan Vinyl Car (Exclusive?)

I should be really excited! This is a high Titan Vinyl of Ecto 1 and it has a sticker on to say that it’s a Lootchest exclusive!

Unfortunately for me, this was also a Nerd Block exclusive in April 2015. It was then duplicated in the April 2015 Horror Block. And, I got yet a third one in a Welcome Block.

They are all well-made and in excellent condition. There just must have been an awful lot of them made.

Reading the mini magazine carefully, this is billed as a “European exclusive”. I guess that no one in Germany subscribes to Nerd Block.

I’ll stick with the same valuation I’ve used the previous three times, which is $20 USD.

Lootchest November 2015 Ghostbusters Titan Vinyl

Fallout 4 Key Ring

This is one of four possible Fallout 4 key rings that could have been included in the box.

It’s a decent size and made of bendable plastic or possibly rubber, which is handy for putting in a pocket.

I’m not too familiar with the game, but I can tell you that the Fallout 4 key ring sells for $7 USD on Amazon.com.

Lootchest November 2015 Fallout 4 Key Ring

Sour Candy

A nice little treat like this is always good to find in a box.

Two pieces of sour candy imported from the USA – black cherry and blue raspberry flavours.

The mini magazine doesn’t assign a value, so I won’t either, but I appreciate getting them.

Lootchest November 2015 Sour Candy

Marvel Pencil and Pencil Sharpener

You can’t make this out too clearly on the picture, but the pencil is printed with the logo part of famous Marvel comic books.

The pencil sharpener is the same.

I’m all for pencils in geek boxes as they come in handy.

There are lots of Marvel pencils available on Amazon.com. Most of them come in multi-packs. For a single pencil and sharpener, a value of $1 USD sounds reasonable.

Lootchest November 2015 Marvel Pencil

Star Trek Hardback Book

This hardback book contributed a lot to the weight of the box.

It also poses a slight challenge, as it’s all in German. I always say I enjoy getting books in boxes and I think they add real value, but this one is unlikely to get read.

This is the German version of an English book. Star Trek: The Klingon Art Of War sells for $18 USD on Amazon.com (the cover price of the European version is somewhat higher).

This is billed as the translation (from Klingon) of 10 rules of war – and presumably a take-off of the Sun Tzu classic.

I can’t imagine I’d read the original, so this translation is out, but there’s something satisfying of finding items you wouldn’t otherwise know about in these boxes.

This was one of two possible Star Trek books included in the box.

Lootchest November 2015 Star Trek Book

Lootchest November 2015 Mini Magazine

This is the A5 sized magazine which comes with Lootchest. It contains details of the items, some short commentary and adverts.

Most of this is in German, but there are short English language translations for the important parts.

No assigned value, but guides like this are great to have in boxes and really add to the overall impression.

Lootchest November 2015 Brochure

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Box Review

This is a rather difficult box to assess. At the raw prices, there’s $56 USD of value. But, in practical terms, several of the items do not carry the real value – a fourth duplicate of a Titan Vinyl or a German language book.

Putting that to one side, this is one of the better put together boxes.

There’s real effort gone into the selection of items, these hold great value in Germany and the English speaking audience has been considered with the magazine translations.

I really like the high quality T-Shirts that are included and there are enough items of novelty that these are fun to unbox.

In case you’re interested, the additional item in the “plus” (premium) box this month was a CD of retro theme tunes, such as Tetris and Super Mario Brothers. Looks fun, although I’m happy with the standard box.

Next month, I get to find out how Lootchest (and Germany) celebrate Christmas. Can’t wait!

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