Lootchest Geek Box Review – March 2016

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I always enjoy taking a look inside the Lootchest box. It’s one of those boxes that it is very popular inside its native country of Germany (I’ve seen the film with thousands of boxes lined up ready for dispatch), but which gets little coverage outside.

Lootchest do try hard to cater for the global market as well. They ship to several other countries, including the UK, and they include short English language descriptions alongside the German versions included in the mini magazine with the box. They also have the box layout printed in English for UK buyers, which I presume also makes the delivery process much smoother.

A monthly subscription costs 32.93 euros. That’s approximately £25 GBP or $36 USD. Shipping to the UK is included in that price.

Lootchest also offer an upgraded box, although I’ve yet to try that version.

I missed out on the February 2016 box, due to issues with my credit card being stopped due to unauthorised transactions, so it’s good to be have another Loothchest with the March 2016 box. These boxes are not themed, so can contain quite a variety of contents, including some in the German language.

The March 2016 box did arrive smoothly, with a delivery notification email and the box arriving a few days after shipping, with the UK part of the delivery completed by Royal Mail.

This box also came with a 3 euro gift card for an online game site, although I’m unlikely to use this and haven’t included it in the valuation.


Box Contents

Songbird T-Shirt

Here is an ever-popular mashup style T-Shirt, featuring a Batman style logo, but depicting Songbird from the Bioshock games.

Although I’m not a player of the game, I can still appreciate this as having a cool design.

I value this at the T-Shirt standard of $10 USD.

Lootchest March 2016 Songbird TShirt

Super Mario Fleece Blanket

This is useful! A colourful blanket, measuring 100 cm by 150 cm, and depicting various Mario characters in a puzzle block format.

It is relatively small though, so better placed to cover the end of a bed or perhaps drape over a chair. Good to add a bit of geeky decoration in an area not often covered in subscription boxes.

The wrap around the blanket does have the Lootchest logo printed on it, although this is not billed as an exclusive. You can certainly buy similar looking blankets elsewhere (I can’t immediately spot the difference).

You can buy the Super Mario Fleece Blanket on Amazon.com. The typical selling price is $20 USD.

Lootchest March 2016 Super Mario Fleece Blanket

Sonic The Hedgehog Bag Tags

This is a blind bag style item, with 6 bag tags to collect.

Essentially, this is a key ring style item with a Sonic character, accompanied by a luggage tag (to write on your contact details).

You can see the Sonic The Hedgehog Bag Tags on Amazon.com.

The Amazon.com price being offered is rather inflated. A more typical selling price, which I’ll use for the valuation, is $8 USD.

Lootchest March 2016 Sonic The Hedgehog Bag Tags

Ghostbusters Vinyl Stickers Pack

I never think much of these type of products, but they make up the number of items needed to make this feel like a full box.

This one has the main logo as a large sticker, but also has four smaller stickers around the sides.

There are many Ghostbusters vinyl stickers available on Amazon.com.

I’ll use a $4 USD valuation here, as this is an official and branded item.

Lootchest March 2016 Ghostbusters Vinyl Sticker

Batman v Superman Playing Cards

Playing cards are always useful to have and there’s a bit of novelty with these as the box is printed in German (of course, the cards themselves are language independent).

I can’t find this exact set online, but will value these at $6 USD.

Lootchest March 2016 Batman Superman Playing Cards

Air Heads Candy Bar

This is a chewable candy bar in Grape flavour and looks like it’s an important from the United States (to Germany and then to the UK).

Always fun to have items like this in geek mystery boxes.

I’ll value this at $1 USD.

Lootchest March 2016 Air Heads Chewy Bar

Find Out More About The Lootchest Geek Mystery Box Here


Box Review

Good value in this Lootchest.de box, with $49 USD of value in the geek items packed inside.

There are also several interesting items, which is always great for a box of this type.

Now, a lot of the value can be equated to the Mario fleece blanket, and so the overall estimate may be slightly inflated, but that’s okay, as it’s always good to have more unusual and useful items in the box somewhere. This is one that will certainly be on display, most likely dressing up an old chair.

If you are interested, the plus item in the box this month for the higher priced subscription option would have been a Batman multi-tool (you can see the Batman multi-tool on Amazon.com here). I’m happy with the standard subscription for now, as this is already one of the higher priced UK subscription boxes by the time the exchange rates are taken into account.

Lootchest is well worth trying out. You’ll be tapping into an unusual box and getting an alternative take on the geek mystery box world.

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