Loot Wear Risky Business Missing Boxer Shorts Review – December 2018

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When I reviewed Loot Wear Risky Business for December 2018, the package arrived missing a pair of boxer shorts.

Many months later, those boxer shorts have finally arrived. So, this is a short extra review of that single item, which came in a package on their own.

The December 2018 box had the theme Scavenge. I’d already received the T-Shirt and socks part of the package. To subscribe to the UK, you can expect to pay £18 GBP ($23 USD) per month, although discounts are sometimes available.


Box Contents

Dungeons And Dragons Boxer Shorts (Exclusive)

These boxer short fit the theme well. The traditional styled dragons work well.

A great pair!

I value these geek boxer shorts at $10 USD.

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Box Review

As mentioned earlier, there’s not much to add to my previous review.

I’m glad the boxer shorts arrived. These take the overall value of the package to $30 USD, above the cost price. And I do like this pair.

Hopefully Loot Wear is turning a corner.

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