Loot Wear Risky Business Geek Clothing Review – May 2019

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The May 2019 Loot Wear Risky Business was received in November 2019. This is the last (long overdue) package on my subscription.

This package comes with boxer shorts, a T-Shirt and socks and the theme Nemesis. Unfortunately this one was missing an information card.

Loot Crate and Loot Wear have been having a lot of problems for the past year or so, but the company has had a cash injection, so hopefully things will be back on track.

If you order this subscription right now, you can expect to pay £18 GBP ($23 USD) per month. That includes the surcharge for UK shipping. The price has been known to change based on the exchange rate. Discounts are available for longer subscriptions.


Box Contents

Big Trouble In Little China T-Shirt (Exclusive)

Not too keen on this design, but it will work for some people.

I’ll apply my usual T-Shirt value here on $10 USD.

Ghostbusters 2 Socks (Exclusive)

These are pink and brown Crew style socks. Another colourful design.

I’ll use my standard value for pair of socks, which is $10 USD.

The Sandlot Boxer Shorts (Exclusive)

I know next to nothing about these boxer shorts, which have a big picture of a dog on them. Still, my favourite item of the three.

I’ll use my usual value for these of $10 USD.

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Box Review

Not too impressed with these. It wasn’t worth the wait.

Still, you get get $30 USD of value, above the cost price.

For me, the problem is they’re just not things I’d choose to wear. This isn’t so much of a problem with socks and boxer shorts, which don’t get put on show so often, but I’m really not sold on the T-Shirt design.

Not everything will hit the spot for every buyer every month. Loot Wear does offer good value for money if the items fall your way.

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