Loot Wear Risky Business Geek Clothing Review – January 2019

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Due to production problems, the January 2019 Loot Wear Risky Business didn’t arrive until the middle of the year. For those new to this package, it’s made by the same firm who makes Loot Crate and comes with geek clothing items every month.

This package, with the theme Binge, is meant to comprise a T-Shirt, pair of socks and pair of boxer shorts. Other combinations of geek clothing items are available.

The package did arrive safely in a plastic envelope and with the information card intact.

For this particular subscription being delivered to the UK, you can expert to pay £18 GBP ($23 USD) per month including UK postage. The price sometimes changes based on the exchange rate. Discounts are available for longer subscriptions.


Box Contents

Black Mirror T-Shirt (Exclusive)

I’ve still got to properly watch this TV programme, which has received excellent reviews.

The T-Shirt design works for me. Black stock, with line art giving almost a 3D effect.

I’ll use my usual T-Shirt value of $10 USD here.

Bob’s Burgers Socks (Exclusive)

Now, this is a TV programme I have watched (and enjoyed).

The red and yellow colour of these socks really works well.

I’ll use my standard value for pair of socks. That’s $10 USD.

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Box Review

As with several previous Loot Wear packages, this one was missing boxer shorts. I’m expecting a lot of pairs of these to arrive later in the year.

Considering only the two items including, this comes to $20 USD of value, below the cost price.

With that said, both items are decent and will get worn.

I do hope the production issues get sorted. This is a package that should be good, but you need to use your own judgement at present.

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