Loot Fright Geek Box Review – January 2019

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Loot Fright is a horror themed box from the Loot Crate family. It releases every second month and it’s a new box to me.

The January 2019 Loot Fright came with the theme Love Sucks and in a package very like the main Loot Crate box. This one had more weight to it than the basic Loot Crate options. The box did arrive safely through Royal Mail, but also rather far into February.

Loot Fright has recently increased its postal charges for UK buyers. Including shipping, a single box (with a recurring subscription) costs £31 GBP ($39 USD). You can make a small saving if you sign up for longer-term subscriptions. I’ll use this figure for the value assessment.

The box had an information card with details about the items, which is always useful.


Box Contents

Dracula T-Shirt (Exclusive)

A decent enough T-Shirt of one of the most iconic horror monsters of all time.

I’ll use my usual T-Shirt valuation of $10 USD.

Bride Of Chucky Blanket (Exclusive)

Think this is only my second ever blanket inside a geek box.

This one opens up to a good size with a design that really screams Chucky.

Difficult to know how to value this, but I’ll use a lower end price point for geek blankets, of $15 USD.

Universal Monsters Valentine Cards (Exclusive)

There are six different small cards. Thin paper and cheap looking, so I wouldn’t give them to anyone I liked too much.

It won’t be a problem, as they arrived after Valentines Day anyway.

In theory, they could be used at other times, as they are blank inside.

I’ll be charitable, as they are rather unique. I’ll value them at $2 USD for the set.

La Llorona Bookmark (Exclusive)

I always like bookmarks. This one slides over the pages well and comes nicely boxed.

With this one being an exclusive, I can’t find it online, but I can see a selection of horror bookmarks on Amazon.com.

Using those as a guide, I’ll value this at $5 USD.

Sunny Family Cult Pins (Exclusive)

There are two pins included here. That doesn’t make me feel they’re any more valuable than normal, but they do look good on the card.

I’ll value these at $2 USD for the pair.

Find Out More About The Loot Fright Geek Subscription Options Here

Box Review

This Loot Fright box contained all exclusive items. They were well selected.

I get $34 USD of value, which is a little below the cost price. The increased postage to the UK has really left its mark.

The blanket carries the most value and has to be the item I found most interesting. Shame the UK is through the winter, but this will be useful sometime.

I like the T-Shirt and the bookmark too.

The other items aren’t great, but nice to see something different with the horror movie themed cards.

For me, Loot Fright has chosen its items well, so they’re interesting even if you’re not a mega horror fan. It’s not a box I’d buy every time, but I’ll certainly purchase a Loot Fright box again.

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