Loot Crate Geek Box Review – October 2018

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Loot Crate is a box that ships from the US. It is well-established and I pick it up every so often.

It’s also one a range of geek interest boxes from this company, which include several “official” boxes linked with other organisations.

This is the second box of a three box subscription I picked up during an offer. This came with the theme Cursed, presumably for Halloween, although it arrived after that date in the UK. It also had a fold out information sheet with details of the contents.

If you are looking to subscribe, the standard price for the UK, including shipping is £24 GBP ($30 USD) a month. That price does alter sometimes depending on the exchange rate as Loot Crate charge in GBP for sales to the UK.


Box Contents

Attack On Titan T-Shirt (Exclusive)

This is a black T-Shirt with a clear design. I don’t know the show, but the presentation works well.

I value this at $10 USD.

Evil Dead 2 Figurine (Exclusive)

One of the weak points of Loot Crate is that they’ve moved away from collectibles like Funko POP! Vinyls to including these figurines each month.

They’re exclusive, but they also come across as cheap plastic scenes. I can’t think of them as display pieces.

I’ll value this at $6 USD.

American Horror Story Key Ring (Exclusive)

As key chains go, I do like this one.

It has some weight to it, with tassles and reflects a key for the Hotel Cortez.

I can see this working well with a set of large old keys attached.

I’ll value this at $4 USD.

Gremlins Mogwai Socks (Exclusive)

This is my favourite item of month.

This is a cute design and one of two variants (the other would be Gremlins themselves).

These are crew style socks, so will certainly get worn.

I’ll use my usual geek sock value of $10 USD.

Ouija Pin (Exclusive)

I’ve never been sold on pins in geek boxes.

As these go, I’ve had far worse, but I can’t imagine a situation where it would get worn.

I’ll value this at $1 USD.

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Box Review

A weird box, rather brought down by the continued presence of the collectible scene figurines.

I get $31 USD of value, which is almost identical to the cost price.

The items are all exclusive.

It does seem rather a get out having more clothing items, when this is also the main part of the Loot Wear subscription, but the socks are also my favourite item of the month.

Not too much to say about the rest. I think this is one where, if you like these figurines, you’ll see value. If you’re not so keen on them, the main item each month will be less attractive to you.

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