Loot Anime Geek Box Review – November 2017

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It’s been a whole since I picked up Loot Anime. A sale price provided the perfect opportunity to look again at this box aimed at anime and manga fans.

I’ve liked this box in the past due to its combination of unique and interesting items, even if I can’t say that I have a lot of knowledge of all the franchises included inside it.

The November 2017 box came with the theme Besties, with fast shipping to the UK. A slightly bigger box than usual, average weight.

Like the other boxes in the Loot Crate family, this box prices in the GBPs for orders to the UK. The current price, including shipping is £28 GBP ($35 USD) per month.

Information about the items is included on the back of a large poster.


Box Contents

One Piece Tony Tony Chopper Bag (Exclusive)

This is a change from a T-Shirt and is a knapsack style bag.

I know these are popular now, but I find them rather uncomfortable compared to a real backpack with decent straps.

This one comes with a cute design and is an exclusive. I’ll value it at $8 USD.

Madoka Magica Figure (Exclusive)

This large figure of Madoka Kaname took up most of the box.

It displays well and, if you’re into the show, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

I’ll value it similar to other large figures in geek mystery boxes at $10 USD.

K-On Volume 1 Manga Book

I’m always happy when I get a book in geek boxes and this on is no exception.

This is mostly black and white (with a few colour pages) and it’s billed as a Loot Crate edition.

The original was printed in 2010. From what I can tell, this is a reprinting with a special cover. Looks worth a read.

Based on the regular edition, I’ll value this at $8 USD.

The regular edition of K-On is available on Amazon.com.

Seven Deadly Sins Eraser (Exclusive)

This is a large eraser in the shape of a pig. It represents Hawk from the show.

It comes nicely boxed as another exclusive item.

I can see this fitting nicely on my desk.

I’ll value it at $4 USD.

Besties Phone Charm (Exclusive)

This is a purple cat and an item that could best be described as cute.

As well as a phone charm, you could also dangle this off door handles and the like. A nice change from the pins in other boxes.

I value this at $1 USD.

Loot Anime Poster (Exclusive)

The information sheet doubles as a rather charming poster.

No value here, but I’ve included a poster so you see what it looks like.

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Box Review

A fun box to look inside. I get the value at $28 USD, which is slightly under the cost price, although with so many of the items being exclusives, this isn’t an exact science.

This is rather an unusual box as there’s no T-Shirt. The bag makes a change.

As I don’t know too much about all the franchises, I can’t really make a judgement here, but the book will definitely get a read.

Loot Anime offers exclusive items for their target audience. Certainly worth exploring.

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