Kewel Boxes Geek Box Review – February 2017

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It’s been about a year since I last checked out Kewel Boxes. From what I can tell, the company has had some ups and downs during that time, but still prides itself in delivering official items of interest to geek box fans.

The boxes no longer carry a theme, but do come with an information sheet with brief descriptions of the items. The March 2017 box arrived safely in simple brown packaging.

The standard pricing for this box is £19.99 GBP ($25 USD), including UK delivery. One good point about Kewel Boxes is there are no subscriptions. You just sign up for boxes as and when you fancy receiving one.


Box Contents

Crossbones Battle Damage Funko POP! Vinyl

This is an Underground Toys exclusive and comes with the sticker reflecting this. It forms part of the Captain America Civil War series.

It’s a cool looking design, although relatively easy to get hold of as an exclusive.

You can see the Crossbones Battle Damage Funko POP! Vinyl on Based on the pricing there, I’ll value this at $10 USD.

War Machine Funko POP! Vinyl

This second Funko POP! Vinyl is also from Captain America Civil War.

Unfortunately, it’s a duplicate for me, as I also received this in the November 2016 Infinity Crates.

This is one of the lower priced Funkos. For consistency, I’ll stick with the pricing I used previously of $7 USD.

The Joker Plush

This is a cool plush which forms part of the DC Super Heroes collection.

It looks like you could have received any number of plushes from the series here. I really like this one.

There are lots of The Joker plushes available on

I can’t see this exact one, but based on similar items, I’ll value this at $10 USD.

X-Men Mystery Minis Vinyl Bobble-Head

A fun item. This small box has one of 12 Bobble Heads inside, produced by Funko.

You can buy one of the X-Men Mystery Minis on The standard value for these is $6 USD.

Ultimate Spider-man Super Surprise Egg

This egg came with pieces of candy inside, which reminded me of nerds, along with a tiny Spider-man sticker and a mini plastic logo.

Always fun to find items like this inside a geek box.

I’ll value this at $1 USD.

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Box Review

I really like this box. It carries $34 USD of value, which is above the cost price.

Unusually, there isn’t a T-Shirt, but that isn’t a problem to me as I have too many of them! There are four items inside carrying real value and the candy is fun.

It’s a pity there are duplicates for my collection, but that can’t be helped. There’s very much a Marvel and DC theme to this box, which works well.

Kewel Boxes is worthy of your attention. Do check out a one-off box. There are no long-term subscriptions, so it’s a good low risk way to find out if this box is for you.

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