Infinity Crates Geek Box Review – October 2016

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The theme for the Infinity Crates UK geek box for October 2016 came was The Fall Out, potentially an interesting take on both the apocalyptic world and an alternative Halloween celebratory box.

My box this month arrived safely through Royal Mail and with the correct items inside, putting out of my mind the problems (solved very well) with the box delivery for the previous two months. Always good to see a company that knows when it makes mistakes and solves these mistakes with good customer service.

Infinity Crates always delivers a Funko POP! Vinyl and a T-Shirt inside. These items are also personalised, which means that they’re chosen from a set of interests that you’ve previously supplied, although the choice is limited based on what Infinity Crates has available.

There are a selection of different pricing options available for Infinity Crates.

This review is for the main offering, the Classic Crate. This currently goes for £19.99 GBP ($26 USD) including delivery within the UK.

The other options include the Premium Crate at £26.99 GBP, the Kids Crate at £19.99 GBP and the T-Shirt Only Crate at £10.99 GBP.

As a long-standing subscriber, I pay for several months of subscription at a time and so pay a slightly lower rate for the Classic Crate.

The box had the information card inside, which has improved in recent months. It has pictures of the items on one side and descriptions on the reverse.


Box Contents

Avengers T-Shirt (Exclusive)

A strong T-Shirt for Infinity Crates, this has thick black T-Shirt stock with vibrant red and white print.

This is the Avengers logo, but with post-apocalyptic touches. Certainly eye-catching.

I’ll value this at the T-Shirt standard of $10 USD.


Beast Funko POP! Vinyl

This is item 21 in the Marvel Universe series and is a new one for my collection.

You can see the Beast Funko POP! Vinyl on

Pricing is alongside other items in the series, which I’ll list at $15 USD.


Skull Candle

This is a small fun candle which would look great at Halloween.

I’ll value this at $2 USD.


Walking Dead Print

I suspect that this is an exclusive item, as is normally found inside Infinity Crates.

I like the simple design, which I’ll value at $2 USD.


Zombie Hand Sticker

This is nicely designed and cut out and may well be an exclusive, but unfortunately I see next to no value in unofficial stickers like this.

For comparative values, I’ll list this at $1 USD.


Nuka Cola Key Ring

I know that I often complain about the quantity of key rings found in geek subscription boxes, but this is the first one for a while that I could consider using.

Particularly because this one is both a cool key ring design, but also doubles up as a bottle opener, inspired by the Fallout video game.

There are several Nuka Cola key chains available on

Based on the pricing there, I’ll value this one at $8 USD.


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Box Review

A decent Infinity Crates, which I’ll value at a total of $38 USD.

That’s above the cost price.

For this box, there’s a big difference between the personalised higher value items (the T-Shirt and the Funko POP! Vinyl) and several cheaper items which aren’t likely to be hung onto.

The key ring is one of my favourite items of the month, but I still would like to see more variation.

If you do just like to get a different Funko POP! Vinyl every month, there’s real value in Infinity Crates. One for UK geek box subscribers to keep an eye on.

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