Horror Block Geek Box Review – October 2015

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I’ve found Horror Block to be one of the most consistent of the geek mystery boxes recently, sticking closely to its core theme with interesting well thought out items.

I’m not particularly an expert on horror, but many of these items have a more widespread appeal, so I’m happy to pick up these boxes occasionally to check them out.

The usual price, including shipping to the UK is $32.49 USD (£22 GBP). That includes an exclusive T-Shirt (from related company Shirt Punch) and a selection of other horror items.

As usual, Horror Block arrived around a week after it was shipped, with the final part of the delivery coming through Royal Mail. The box had a decent weight to it, which is always a positive start.


Box Contents

Friday The 13th T-Shirt (Exclusive)

I would classify this as an “inspired by” T-Shirt. With that said, it’s a style I often wear, dark brown with a simple white print.

Glad to have this one. I value this T-Shirt at a standard price of $10 USD.

Horror Block October 2015 TShirt

Chucky Plush

A Chucky item was heavily advertised in the Horror Block previews this month.

This is the version of Chucky from the Bride of Chucky film.

This one isn’t an exclusive, but it’s well made I do like the design. You can buy the Chucky Plush for $20 USD on Amazon.com.

I suspect that you could find this slightly cheaper if hunting around, but it’s surprising how much many of these plush toys sell for.

Horror Block October 2015 Chucky Plush

Summoner’s Mouse Mat (Exclusive)

I think that mouse mats have had their day, so I’d be happy not to receive any more in boxes. However, they’re small to pack and light to ship, so I can see why they’re included.

This is a decent enough design, complete with the Horror Block logo, rather suggestive of a ouija board.

You can buy various ouija board mouse mats on Amazon.com. A mid price of $5 USD seems reasonable.

Horror Block October 2015 Mouse Mat

“They’re Coming To Get You” Print

This isn’t billed as an exclusive, as this was originally part of an art show by Paul Hanley, but I presume that this has been printed exclusively for this Horror Block.

I don’t often like the prints that come with boxes, but this is one that would work well in a light frame for display.

I’ll stick with the standard value I use for prints of $2 USD.

Horror Block October 2015 Zombie Print

Argento’s Dracula The Legend Rises DVD (Exclusive)

Glad to see another DVD in the box.

This is a DVD that I’m struggling to find much information about. There is a version of Argento’s Dracula available on Amazon.com. That version sells for $12 USD.

The Horror Block version has a different cover (including the Horror Block logo) and many more special features listed than the main release. It also has an expanded title.

As best I can tell, this started life in 2012 as Dracula 3D, so this is presumably the 2D version. The reviews suggest that this is a low budget version of Dracula, performed in English by people from whom English is not their first language, and with a few enhancements made to the usual Dracula plot.

Will be worth a watch at some point.

Horror Block October 2015 Dracula The Legend Rises DVD

Rue Morgue Magazine’s Cryptic Collectibles

This is what would be billed in the UK as a bookazine – a thicker special edition of a standard magazine.

Often, these largely feature reprint articles and there are certainly sections here that look like reprints, but this bookazine (volume 5 in the Rue Morgue library) also has reviews and pricing guides for many types of horror collectibles.

I often pick up bookazines like this to read on trains and aeroplanes, so this one does have real value for me.

The cover price for this is $14.95 USD and I’m looking forward to reading this one.

Horror Block October 2015 Cryptic Collectibes Magazine

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Box Review

Very happy again with Horror Block!

I would be quite content if every box contained a DVD and something decent to read, so Horror Block has won me over here.

There’s a fine T-Shirt in one of my favourite colour combinations (will be wearing it shortly) and a fun plush to add value as well. Although the number of exclusives is down on last month, this is made up for with well-selected items.

In recent months Horror Block has contained a copy of Rue Morgue magazine (and advertised itself as such). For me, the Cryptic Collectibles issue is an even better replacement, but I imagine that some people who rely on Horror Block to get Rue Morgue will be disappointed.

I make this $64 USD of value. That’s well above the purchase price.

I think I’m going to buy Horror Blocks more often. With quality boxes like this Horror Block, you can’t go far wrong!

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