GeekGear Wizardry Best Ever Past Box Review – February 2019

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GeekGear release several boxes each month, including a classic box, but most of their current offer relates to their Wizardry brand. This delivers Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts items every month and comes with options including wands and wearables, many of which are officially licenced.

I’ve never picked up a Wizardry box before but was tempted by their offer to get a discounted collection of past items in what they billed as their Best Ever Past Box.

To give you an idea, their main box costs £28 GBP ($34 USD) per month, including shipping within the UK. That also allows you to choose your preferred house to support (or, at least, the colour of that house), meaning you get some personalised items.

The past box cost only £18 GBP ($22 USD), although there was no option to choose a house.

The items arrived in a heavy box, tightly packed and with items well-presented being wrapped in tissue paper. Being a mixed box, there was no information card provided. I’ll use my best guess with several of the items, although I won’t be able to say for sure which are exclusives.


Box Contents

Flying T-Shirt

A rather nice T-Shirt, reminiscent of ET.

I’ll use my usual T-Shirt valuation of $10 USD.

Shrunken Head

This is rather disturbing!

But I know some people will hang this up with pride.

I’ll value this small shrunken head at $2 USD.

School Tie

This is so similar to my real school tie. Might even be the same colours.

I’m sure it’s collectible, but can’t imagine a situation where it would get worn. I’ll value this at $4 USD.

Beasts Poster

This is a large poster which is printed on decent quality poster. It looks the part and may well be hand initialised, difficult to tell the way it’s printed.

The back of the poster makes it clear it’s an exclusive.

I’ll value this at $4 USD.

Harry Potter Travel Mug

These travel mugs are incredibly useful right now. Always happy to receive them in a box.

There are a wide selection of Harry Potter travel mugs available on I’ll value this one at $10 USD.

I like this mug a lot. Good weight to it and a decent print design.

Small Wand

This is rather cute. It’s hard to know how to value a small wand like this one.

I’ll go for $3 USD.

Butterscotch Soap

Must say, this smells delicious.

There’s a variety of types of butterscotch soap available on

I’ll value this at $6 USD.

Snowy Owl

This is a cute little owl, which comes boxed.

I’ll value this at $2 USD.

Triwizards Tournament Print

This is a red A4 size print, which comes card backed so it doesn’t get damaged. It would look good framed.

I’ll value this at $2 USD.

Hogwarts Key Ring

You can never have too many key rings, right?

This one is billed as an exclusive, it’s a big shield, rubber feel to it.

As you can see from the Harry Potter key rings on, these go for inflated prices.

I’ll use a more realistic value for an exclusive item like this, of $5 USD.

Cookie Cutters

Three cookie cutters in interesting shapes.

I’ll value the set at $2 USD.

Elder Wand

This is rather exciting. A proper boxed wand.

Thanks for the comment on the video unboxing to let me know which wand this is.

This is a large size, boxed and wrapped in tissue paper. It’s surprisingly heavy. I think it’s made of plastic, but it’s made to look like wood.

There’s quite a trade in these wands now, as I can various versions of the Elder Wand available on

Based on the pricing, I’m happy to value this at $15 USD.

Potions Master Pin

These are nicely boxed pins. This one isn’t the most exciting, but it would wear well.

I’ll value this at $2 USD.

Christmas Owl Pin

A nice Christmas item for a fan. It isn’t Christmas, but this still looks rather appealing.

I’ll again value this at $2 USD.

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Box Review

There was exceptional value in this Geek Gear Wizardry box. Although I can’t say that every item was to my taste, we’re talking $69 USD of value, more than three times the cost price.

Very happy to have received my first full size wand (along with a mini wand). I’d love to add a few more wands to my collection, they’re great talking points and display well.

I probably haven’t been that generous with the valuations of all the items either. I know that Harry Potter fans would be happy to receive them in their boxes and I did value quite low just because there were so many items. And, I’m not enough of a Potterhead to completely appreciate everything.

The travel mug is really useful too, but I can’t fault anything.

I’ll have to try out the monthly Wizardry box to see how this compares. But based on this selection of past items, I’m really happy to recommend GeekGear Wizardry.

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