GeekGear Best Ever Mystery Classic Past Box Review – June 2020

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GeekGear offers a variety of mystery box subscriptions from its UK base. The box I’m reviewing here is a collection of items from previous Classic boxes, put together with the “Best Ever” tag.

I like this type of box as everyone who buys tends to get different items. That makes the reviews and unboxing videos much more interesting.

GeekGear is usually one of the more expensive offers to subscribe to. You’re looking at £29.49 GBP, including postage within the UK (that’s $37 USD) before any discount offers. This special box cost £14.49 GBP ($18 USD) which is quite a saving. It was also delivered quickly as all the items were in stock.

As this was a unique box, it didn’t come with an information sheet.


Box Contents

Game Of Thrones T-Shirt

This T-Shirt contains a quote from Game of Thrones and is likely an exclusive.

I’ll use my usual value for T-Shirts of $10 USD.

Pokemon Cushion Cover

This cushion cover contains pictures of Pokeballs, which I remember from Pokemon Go. I presume it’s not an official item.

You can see a selection of Pokemon cushion covers on

I’ll value this one at $5 USD.

Iron Man Bookmark

This is quite fun. It’s a 3D style bookmark, with Iron Man’s feet sticking out at the bottom – along with a quote from The Avengers.

Again, this is presumably an unofficial item.

These things are hard to value. I’ll say $5 USD.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions Cards

I’ve never played this trading card game, but this box comes well-stocked for a single player, with a starter set and a booster pack.

A downside is, you would need all this again for a game.

These date back to 2018 and I’m not convinced this really took off. Looking at selling prices, I’ll go with a conservative value of $10 for the lot.

Zelda Notebook

This is useful enough. A pocket-sized notebook and it is an official Nintendo item.

You can see various Zelda notebooks on As this is in a smaller size, I’ll go with $6 USD.

Spider-Gwen Print

This also seems like an official item, as it has a GeekGear sticker on the front.

Nicely wrapped with card on the back to keep it flat.

I never see much value for this type of item, but some people will like to display them. I’ll go with $2 USD.

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Box Review

A fun selection of items to unbox!

I get $38 of value, which is well above the discounted price.

The T-Shirt is wearable, even if you don’t recognise the quote. The card game looks like fun. And the bookmark is decent. Not too sure I’ve got a spare cushion lying around that needs a cover, but I’ve had far worse items.

One downside is there are a lot of unofficial items here, but I guess that’s GeekGear’s business model.

Do take a look at GeekGear.

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