Geek Fuel Bonus Box Review – November 2020

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This is a look at a Geek Fuel bonus box. This came alongside another box and was sent in November 2020. As is common with bonus boxes, this contained a selection of previous items. Since I receive Geek Fuel in the UK so infrequently, for me I was unlikely to get duplicates.

Being a bonus box, its hard to equate a value here, but as a comparison the normal price for Geek Fuel, including shipping to the UK is $44 USD (£35 GBP) with a month-by-month subscription. That’s quite a lot for a geek box subscription, so I looked at the bonus box as giving me more of a reason to check out Geek Fuel again.

Being that this was a bonus box, there was no information card included.


Box Contents

Jaws T-Shirt (Exclusive)

I presume this one was an exclusive originally (it’s marked as Geek Fuel on the label).

I like this! A soft blue shirt with a fun design. Very ready to wear.

I’ll value this as normal at $10 USD.

Pinky And The Brain Q-Fig

This a cool display figure, which comes in a rather large box. It’s part of the Q-Fig Toons series.

It’s marked Taking Over The World.

I’ve seen reviews saying to display this one as it makes a good talking point and I agree.

I’ll value this at $15 USD.

Transformers Keshi Surprise Mystery Boxes

These small mystery boxes are always fun. They each contain a figure and a sticker.

It looks like there are four different coloured boxes to choose from, then six figures to collect in each colour.

I’ll value these at $5 USD each, so $10 USD as I got two of them.

Rugrats Notebooks

Three pocket notebooks. These are always handy to have and this is an official Nickolodeon item.

You can see these Rugrats notebooks on

Based on the selling price, I’ll value these at $10 USD.

Geek Fuel Sticker

No value to assign here, but thought I’d show you this fun sticker which was inside the box.

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Box Review

A nice collection of items. I get $45 USD of value, which is right on the money had this been a real box and not a bonus box.

Now, I’m not sure I’d have paid for all this separately. but nothing to complain about. Lots of fun items here.

I like the T-Shirt and the Q-Fig. The mystery boxes are fun. And the notebooks always come in handy and fit nicely in a pocket.

Based on my recent experience, Geek Fuel is always worth a look!

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