Gamer Block Everyone Geek Box Review – January 2017

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The long-standing Arcade Block is no more, having been replaced by two subscriptions, Gamer Block Everyone and Gamer Block Mature. The difference is in the choice of items and who the subscription is said to be suitable for.

I checked out the Gamer Block Everyone for January 2017. This didn’t come with a further theme, but a few clues about the franchises inside were included in emails sent out in advance of the shipping date.

The box arrived safely in the UK with new packaging. This also came with the Nerd Block magazine, with similar content to the other January 2017 magazines, but different information about the items included within. The inclusion of the standard magazine text is an interesting choice as the articles don’t all fit the Everyone audience.

The standard monthly price for Gamer Block Everyone is $32.49 USD including shipping to the UK. That’s £27 GBP at the current exchange rate.

The box also contains $10 credit for the Nerd Block shop. Due to the difficulties of using this in the UK, I haven’t included this in the valuation.

Box Contents

Rockband T-Shirt (Exclusive)

This is a fun gamer inspired design which should also work for rock lovers.

It is retro style, dark blue stock with white print. Unusually, this doesn’t carry the Shirt Punch branding.

I value this at the T-Shirt standard price of $10 USD.

PaRappa The Rapper Plush

This is billed as the main item in the Gamer Block magazine. It isn’t an exclusive.

This is a Stubbins product and is officially licensed by PlayStation.

I know nothing about this rhythm video game, which in its earliest version, dates back to 1996. It’s clearly popular.

You can see this PaRappa plush on It’s a cute and well made item. The typical value is $15 USD.

Lovers In A Dangerous Space Time Game (Exclusive)

This is a massive disappointment and a game that’s really hard to value.

It’s billed as an exclusive, but what really makes it an exclusive is a box containing a card with a download card. The game is easily available on Steam.

It is a cooperative game which gets good reviews. The packaging has a nice retro feel but is otherwise pointless.

I don’t see a value to be assigned here, but some may enjoy it.

Mario Pin (Exclusive)

This is quite a nice pixel heart badge

I’ll assign a standard pin value of $2 USD.

Pac-Man Bow Tie (Exclusive)

Yes, as you’ll see on the photo, this bow tie is attached to the card upside down!

I like this one, although I’m much less likely to wear in than if it had been a traditional tie (there are quite a few Pac-Man ties available on

Using similar items as a base, I’ll assign a value here of $10 USD.

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Box Review

The first Gamer Book Everyone has some fun items, but also some flaws. I get a value of $37 USD, which is above the cost price. You may get a higher value if you like the idea of having a game box included.

I do think that this box is aimed at children, which to me is different to saying it’s suitable for everyone (I read this at non-offensive). With that said, if this is a children’s box, there are also retro items which are likely to have little appeal to them, particularly the bow tie.

I do like the plush, but it’s difficult to see this as a main item in the first box in a new series. I also like the bow tie, but don’t know if I’ll get the right opportunity to wear it.

The other items are pretty meh to me.

I can’t see myself continuing with Gamer Block Everyone, but if you’re looking for a fun gaming box, focused at children but non-offensive to all, this could be for you.

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