Box Of Horrors Box Review – March 2017

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Box Of Horrors is a new box to me, although the company behind it also produces Kewel Boxes, which I’ve reviewed in the past. As you’d expect, this is a box aimed at fans of the horror genre. There is no separate theme, beyond the horror element.

The pricing for Box Of Horrors is £19.99 GBP ($25 USD). Unusually, there’s no recurring subscription. This is a box which you decide when you want to subscribe.

It’s also a box which doesn’t guarantee a release every month. In some ways that’s good, as you know that the team are thinking about making sure that there are decent items ready to include.

The box arrived safely through Royal Mail and came with an information sheet with details of the items – something that’s always useful.


Box Contents

Elvira From Elvira Mistress Of The Dark Funko Pop Vinyl

I’ve no knowledge at all of this character, which seems to be featured in both a film and a TV series. Looks like one worth checking out.

This is visually appealing POP! and a good one to add to the collection.

You can buy the Elvira Funko POP! Vinyl on The typical value is $9 USD.

Star Trek Skeletrek Captain Kirk

These are interesting large figures, re-imagining Star Trek characters as zombies.

I got Captain Kirk, which is the best of this series released in 2013.

You can see the Captain Kirk Skeletrek on The typical value for this 5″ figure is $5 USD.

The Walking Dead Tattoo Pack

I would say that this was a novelty item for children, apart from the subject matter for The Walking Dead doesn’t really lend itself to this.

You get 13 tattoo transfers on 2 sheets, with a mixture of character pictures and quotes.

I can’t find this item online, but looking at the price for similar temporary tattoo packs, I’ll value this at $4 USD.

Zombie Card Holder

This fits the box theme but it’s another low value item of limited use.

I’ll value this at $4 USD.

Scary Movies Rainy Day Activity Book

This is an A6 sized book, with 16 pages including the stiffer card cover.

It’s quite a clever item, with colouring pages, a word search, a maze and some other puzzles.

It’s made by Pizza Eaters and is available on Etsy, where it’s part of a series of handmade books.

On Etsy, this sells for £2.50 GBP, so I’ll assign a value of $3 USD. Not something I’d buy directly, but as a novelty item, it’s fun to have inside the box.

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Box Review

My first Box Of Horrors was rather a mixed bag (or mixed box).

Horror isn’t my top genre, so other people may love the items more than I do. I like the Star Trek figure and also the novelty of the activity book. The other items fell a bit short for me, although I always appreciate having a Funko POP! Vinyl and can see the value there.

I get $25 USD of value, which exactly matches the cost price.

Happy that there was no T-Shirt inside as I still have a vast collection of geek T-Shirts that I haven’t had chance to wear yet. But without it, this box did feel like it was missing one higher value item (the Star Trek figure, although interesting, is available pretty cheaply now).

I think that Box of Horrors will appeal to horror fans. I’ll no doubt try this again in a few months, but there are other UK and international geek boxes I want to test out first.

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