Arcade Block Geek Box Review – January 2016

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After reviewing Arcade Block in December, I didn’t expect to also review it in January 2016. The December box was rather weak, but I was presented with a good Christmas discount for Arcade Block and decided to take a risk.

Arcade Block is a monthly geek subscription box which provides mystery items focused towards the gaming community. The recent boxes have tended to focus more on recent games, but there are occasionally retro contents as well.

The standard monthly price for Arcade Block is $32.49 USD including shipping to the UK. That’s £24 GBP at the current exchange rate.

The release date for the box seemed rather late this month, but shipping to the UK did turn out to be fast, with the final leg delivered by Royal Mail.

The box contained the usual information card from Arcade Block detailing the items.

Box Contents

Streetfighter V T-Shirt (Exclusive)

Although this is also a promotional item (the information card mentions the partnership with Capcom), this is still a striking design, depicting Ken from Street Fighter.

This is an exclusive design, manufactured by Shirt Punch and the print takes up most of the front of the T-Shirt.

The information card mentions that two T-Shirts were on offer this month, the offer showing Ryu.

I value this at the T-Shirt standard price of $10 USD.

Arcade Block January 2016 Street Fighter V T-Shirt

Mortal Kombat X Scorpion Bobblehead Figure (Exclusive)

This is presented as the main item in this box and is larger than the usual Funko items included inside.

It is made by MezcoToyz, the first time I’ve come across that brand.

This is a variant on the standard Mortal Kombat X Scorpion Bobblehead figure. This version comes with the paintwork splattered in blood.

The typical selling price for the standard version is $20 USD, which is the pricing that I’ll use for this exclusive variant.

Arcade Block January 2016 Mortal Kombat X Scorpion Bobblehead

Portal Tin Wall Sign

This is a “Safety First” sign, with a fun design and made of tin. There are some slight imperfections in how the lettering is printed.

There are various Portal signs available on

I’m not too familiar with the game, apart from to know that it’s popular and has featured in various geek boxes recently.

Pricing is reassuringly expensive for similar signs, so I’ll value this at $10 USD.

Arcade Block January 2016 Portal Tin Sign

Metroid Stress Ball (Exclusive)

This is a well-made and useful stress ball, which is reflective of the game.

I do like having stress balls around, so this is useful.

I’ll value this at $5 USD.

Arcade Block January 2016 Metroid Stress Ball

Mario Puzzle Cube (Exclusive)

This is a Rubik’s Cube in all but name, with pictures on the side reflecting Mario items which can be scrambled and unscrambled based on turning the sections of the cube.

I’ve owned several Rubik’s Cubes in the past and this one is much smaller than the standard size.

You can buy varieties of Rubik’s Cubes on The typical selling prices for these smaller private label models is around $5 USD.

This is a fun and unusual item to receive in the box.

Arcade Block January 2016 Puzzle Cube

Pokemon Beanie Hat

This is a useful hat and clearly inspired by Pokemon, with a simple graphic image on the front.

Interestingly enough, the card doesn’t bill this as an exclusive, but it does carry an Arcade Block logo (and the packaging refers to it being manufactured for Nerd Block – so it probably is).

There are plenty of Pokemon Beanies available on As this is a simple (and unofficial) design, I’ll value it at $10 USD.

Arcade Block January 2016 Pokemon Beanie Hat

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Box Review

An excellent Arcade Block!

I make the value $60 USD, which is around double the shipped price. Now, several items are probably subsidised as promotional items, but these ones are also high quality.

One disappointment. I was expecting to receive Retro Magazine in this block, as it used to be included every other month, but this wasn’t in either the December 2015 or January 2016 boxes. Maybe that’s finished? Certainly a shame, as I like getting books and magazines in boxes.

Very unusually, there are no items in here that I consider worthless. Even the cheaper items are varied, with the inclusion of the Puzzle Cube, stress ball and Portal sign. And, thankfully, no key rings or badges!

The highlights are easily the T-Shirt, beanie and exclusive figure.

Although I’m still not enough of a fan of Arcade Block to pick it up every month, I’ll certainly be watching the spoilers for themes and franchises that I’m interested in.

For gamers and followers of recent releases, Arcade Block comes recommended.

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