Zavvi ZBox Geek Box Review – February 2017

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The February 2017 Zavvi ZBox came with the theme Super Heroines. This is one of the biggest of the UK based geek subscription boxes, being backed by The Hut Group.

The box arrived safely through Royal Mail coming with revised packaging, a simple brown printed box. Everything arrived well-packaged.

The standard pricing for the Zavvi ZBox, paid on a rolling monthly basis, is £19.99 GBP ($25 USD).

The box also contained a mini magazine giving details of the items inside and some short articles.


Box Contents

Wonder Woman T-Shirt (Exclusive)

This is a fun and exclusive design, showing the lower half of Wonder Woman.

I’ll assign a value to this of the T-Shirt standard ($10 USD).

Catwoman Banner (Exclusive)

Not too sure which audience this one was designed to appeal to.

This is billed as an exclusive, although I can see what looks to be the same banner as part of this set of DC Bombshells banners on

The only thing I can think is that the colours may be slightly different, or that may just be my monitor.

Based on the larger set, I’ll reluctantly value this at $10 USD.

Captain Marvel Comic (Exclusive Cover)

This is the first in a new run of comics. The artwork is good. The cover is an exclusive black and white variant.

The cover price for this is $3.99 USD.

Lil Bombshells Blind Box

These blind tins are always fun. There are 12 different figures to collect.

You can get a Lil Bombshells Blind Box on The typical value is $8 USD.

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Box Review

A good Zavvi ZBox for variety. I get $32 USD of value here, which is above the cost price.

The big downside of this box is that Zavvi advertised that it would contain an exclusive Bombshell figure of Wonder Woman. The same figure was included in the magazine. That didn’t transpire and instead the much lower value blind box figure was included. The result – a lot of unhappy customers.

Zavvi did respond to this one and sent a £5 GBP voucher to everyone who purchased it. That’s something, but the £5 voucher also came with the limitation of not being usable with any other discount codes. So much less valuable then it originally appeared. Something for Zavvi to learn from.

With all of that said, there were only four items included in this geek box, but all four carried value with them. As geek subscription boxes go, that’s pretty decent.

I’m not keen on the banner, but otherwise all of the items do have some redeeming value.

Zavvi always provide interesting ZBoxes. The contents can vary, but there’s a reason why they’re such a mainstay of the UK geek box scene.

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