Loot Wear Risky Business Geek Clothing Review – August 2018

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I’ve been a subscriber to Loot Wear for much of the past year, as I have an annual subscription (purchased during one of the regular discount offers).

It’s a good buy at full price and an excellent buy at the reduced price I paid, since it gives you exclusive geek clothing items every month.

My subscription is for the Risky Business Loot Wear option. That includes a T-Shirt, along with a pair of socks and a pair of boxers shorts. There are various other choices available.

The August 2018 package (these come in a plastic envelope) had the theme Mayhem. This one didn’t quite fit in my letter box, so I had to wait around for a redelivery. But otherwise, everything arrived safely.

With UK shipping included, this costs £16 GBP ($20 USD) per month. This figure does change occasionally based on the subscription rate. You can get a discount for longer subscriptions, as I did when I took the annual option.

The package also comes with an information sheet, which is always handy.


Box Contents

Fight Club T-Shirt (Exclusive)

This is a grey T-Shirt with a fight club inspired design. Lots of pink.

It’s a bit boring.

I value this at the T-Shirt standard of $10 USD.

Deadpool Socks (Exclusive)

My favourite item of the month.

These are very wearable socks. You could easily wear them under work gear. And not the awful sports socks that are sometimes seen in this package.

Nice simple logo design.

I’ll use my standard sock value of $10 USD.

Rick And Morty Boxer Shorts (Exclusive)

Yellow has to be the most common boxer shorts colour in Loot Wear.

This design works and these boxer shorts are always comfortable.

I’ll value these boxer shorts at $10 USD.

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Box Review

As usual, I get $30 USD of value here. This does have to be one of the best value geek packages around.

I’m not overly keen on the T-Shirt, but all of the items will get worn at some point.

The simple sock design stands out for me.

Loot Wear Risky Business is always worth a look. Check it out!

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