My Geek Box Review – October 2019

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My Geek Box provided mystery box free of charge for review purposes. This does not affect the editorial content of the review.

The October 2019 My Geek Box arrived in a rather battered state, although thankfully all the items looked to be inside. It would be difficult to know if anything was missing, as these boxes don’t come with an information card.

If you want to subscribe to My Geek Box, it goes for £23 GBP ($29 USD) on a month-by-month basis. That price include postage within the UK.

This is always an interesting box, which comes from the UK based The Hut Group.

Box Contents

Transformers Optimus Prime T-Shirt

I really like this line drawing design, which is black, with white and blue detail.

One of my favourite geek T-Shirts of recent months.

I’ll apply my standard T-Shirt value here of $10 USD.

Fallout Nuka Cola Pin (Exclusive)

This would be a cool pin from a popular franchise, which I’d like to say more about, apart from it was in the My Geek Box for September 2019 (yes, just last month).

I’ll stick with the same value as last month for this, of $4 USD.

Lil DC Comics Bombshells Vinyl Figure – Batman

I like blind boxes (or blind cylinders) in this case, although two of the same type in one box seems a lot. I did open them and thankfully different figures were inside each.

These form part of Series 3 of these figures, with 12 to collect.

These are surprisingly expensive considering what is inside (and how small these are). You can check them out for yourself with the Lil DC Comics Bombshells Series 3 Figures being available on

The first Bombshell was Batman. I’ll use what I consider to be a sensible value of $8 USD.

Lil DC Comics Bombshells Vinyl Figure – The Joker

A second figure in the same box. This tin contains The Joker.

He does look the part.

Again, I’ll value him at $8 USD.

Star Trek The Official Motion Picture Adaptation Book

This is the fourth time this box has contained volumes from the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection. In this case, these are fittingly Volumes 7 and 8.

I do like receiving these and building up a collection.

Each book contains a collection of (relatively) recently IDW comics, along with one issue of Gold Key comics releases from the 1960s.

Volume 7 is novelisation of the 2009 Star Trek movie.

I’ll use the price point I’ve established for these of $8 USD.

Star Trek Starfleet Academy Book

And here is Volume 8, containing a collection of comics with the current Star Trek movies version of Kirk, Spock and Uhura in their early years.

Another fun read which I’ll again value at $8 USD.

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Box Review

Some cool items inside this My Geek Box. There are also some misses, most notably the duplicate item from the previous month and the slight lack of variety.

I get $46 USD of value, which is well above the box cost price.

My favourite item has to be the T-Shirt. I’m also glad to have the Star Trek books, which are always an excellent read.

I’m slightly taken aback by the price the Lil DC Comics Bombshells go for, especially compared to larger Vinyl figures, but at least they have value.

My Geek Box continues to be one of the best UK geek boxes. Do check them out.

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