Wrestle Crate Ultimate UK Geek Box Review – May 2018

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Wrestle Crate UK is one of the leading pro wrestling boxes. This is a review for the larger (Ultimate) size of their UK version.

The Ultimate box sells for £25.99 GBP ($33 USD) including UK shipping. The smaller Standard box goes for £15.99 GBP ($20 USD).

The box arrived safely through Royal Mail, with a decent weight to it. As this was the first box in a new subscription, I also received a bonus item (which turned out to be an autograph).

The box comes with a four page information brochure with details about the items. It is printed on decent card. There’s also a voucher for a free month of Pro Wrestling Eve on Demand, which I haven’t included in the value.


Box Contents

X-Pac T-Shirt (Exclusive)

A good design, with the Degeneration X style colours and X-Pac in the centre.

I’ll value this at the T-Shirt standard of $10 USD.

Grizzled Young Veterans T-Shirt (Exclusive)

This is the tag team of Zack Gibson and James Drake who are making waves.

I’m not mad about the style, but I like the choice of purple for the T-Shirt stock.

I value this again at $10 USD.

Slider Puzzle

Presumably also an exclusive, although the brochure doesn’t say.

These are always fun to while away a bit of time.

I’ll value this at $2 USD.

Titus O’Neil Greatest Royal Rumble Meme Sticker

Had to include this as it’s a lot of fun, although I won’t specifically assign a value.

A great cartoon and the most memorable moment of 2018 pro wrestling so far.

Virgil Autograph

This is a bonus item for being the first in a new subscription.

An instantly recognisable wrestler if you’re of the right age. This is also printed on decent card.

I’ll use a standard autograph value of $10 USD.

Ric Flair Autograph (Exclusive)

This is the main item that was advertised in the box in advance.

An unusual choice of picture, you can’t too far wrong with a hand-signed Ric Flair print.


I’ll value this at $10 USD.

Lucha Mask Pin (Exclusive)

One of those items that has nothing to it to me, but the design is good, as these things go.

I’ll value this at $1 USD.

North Wrestling DVD (Exclusive)

Lots of British Wrestling names on here, including the likes of El Ligero, Jack Gallagher, Mark Haskins, Travis Banks and more.

I presume this is collected from a variety of events.

I’ll use a standard wrestling DVD value here of $8 USD.

Calling Spots Fanzine #27

This is a 44 page A5 fanzine, which is always good to read.

There are articles and interviews, mostly related to British Wrestling, including an interview with Austin Aries during a UK visit.

Based on the selling price, I’ll value this at $3 USD.

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Box Review

Probably the strongest box I’ve had from Wrestle Crate.

I get $54 USD of value including the bonus autograph (or $44 USD without). In either case, this is well above the cost price.

The top item has to the Ric Flair autograph, but all of the main items have a decent value to them. Its always good to get different DVDs, there’s plenty to read and there are wearable T-Shirts as well.

Wrestle Crate Ultimate comes highly recommended. If you enjoy some sports entertainment, do check it out.

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