Welcome Block Geek Box Review – September 2015

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Welcome Block is an unusual geek box in that it’s not a subscription box in its own right.

Instead, this is a special extra box sent free of charge for a limited time to new subscribers to Nerd Block, Comic Block, Horror Block, Arcade Block or other boxes from the same family.

The advertising for Welcome Block is that it would contain items from a mixture of previous blocks. There are all sorts of different combinations available, so this shows what I received.

As a comparative price point, most of the blocks alone, shipped to the UK, cost around £22 GBP ($33 USD). As bonus block, this addition looked excellent value.

The block was shipped in stylish exclusive packaging. Shipped to the UK, this took around a week.


Box Contents

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Vinyl (Exclusive)

This is a great vinyl, but this is the third time I have it, as it showed up in both the April 2015 Nerd Block and Horror Block.

I valued this at $20 USD then and I believe that the value is still the same.

Welcome Block September 2015 Ecto 1

Attack On Titan Bag

I like this drawstring gym style bag.

I also got one of these in the May 2015 Nerd Block, which I valued at $10 USD. Happy to have another.

Welcome Block September 2015 Attack On Titan Bag

Totoro Badges

These also came in the May 2015 Nerd Block, where I valued them at $4 USD for the 4 badges.

They are fun designs and a decent filler item, although I don’t really have much of a use for them.

Welcome Block September 2015 Badges

Classic Console Coasters

These are thin cardboard coasters, with artwork made to look like classic NES games, including Mario and Duck Story.

Research has revealed that they originally came with the July 2015 Arcade Block as an exclusive.

I’d value these at $5 USD.

Welcome Block September 2015 Classic Console Coasters

Touch Control Joystick on a Keyring

This arcade item is new to me and my favourite one in the Welcome Block.

Essentially, you position this on the touch screen of a laptop or mobile phone and move the joystick around like a finger.

This originally came in the December 2014 Arcade Block. The Touch Control Joystick sells for $8 USD on Amazon.com.

Welcome Block September 2015 Touch Control

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Box Review

A good selection of high and low value items, including exclusives, which I value at $47 USD.

This is the highest value “free” box I’ve seen.

I really like the Touch Control Joystick. The bag is useful and the Ghostbusters vinyl is a decent collectible item.

Here’s hoping that Nerd Block bring back Welcome Block again soon. I’d be more than happy to unbox and unpack a few more of these.

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