TeeBlox Geek Box Review – August 2017

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TeeBlox offers T-Shirt based subscriptions that are shipped to your door every month.

This review covers the classic TeeBlox offering, which lets you choose from a number of themes and receive a plastic envelope with a T-Shirt and other items inside. These tend to be a comic and a small item like a sticker.

TeeBlox has revamped its offering since I took advantage of a discount for a one-year subscription. They still offer a package akin to this one, but which allows you to give them more details of the type of franchises that interest you. They also offer a T-Shirt subscription based on community designs and are advertising a full size T-Shirt box as being in the works.

One thing I really like about this subscription is that it’s letterbox sized. That saves a whole lot of hassle regarding waiting around for deliveries.

This review covers the Marvel subscription option. TeeBlox reviews are interesting, as there’s no guarantee that every Marvel buyer will receive the same selection of items. As such, this is one subscription that doesn’t come give an information card.

To fill you in on pricing, this TeeBlox Classic subscription shipped to the UK usually goes for $25 USD (£20 GBP) when paid on a monthly basis.


Box Contents

Jessica Jones T-Shirt

This is an official Marvel T-Shirt, rather thick. It’s a relatively subtle print on a navy blue background, which works well.

The T-Shirt is entitled Jess In Flight.

I value this at the T-Shirt standard of $10 USD.

Secret Six #3 Comic

This is a slightly battered comic release from 2015. It’s published by DC Comics.

Not too exciting, but it’s always nice to look through these.

I value this at $2 USD (the cover price at the time was $2.99 USD).

Pow! Sticker

Stickers are almost always filler items to me.

This one is larger than most and quite well done. Based on the Pow!, I think it’s a Batman reference, but it’s not totally clear from the angle.

I’m not going to assign a value here.

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Box Review

TeeBlox delivers what’s promised. I’m not as excited about this TeeBlox as some, but it’s always good to have an official T-Shirt.

I get $12 of value, below the cost price, but the cost of posting to the UK always makes the subscription seem this way. Still, it’s a good starter subscription.

It’s always something of a surprise to have a Marvel subscription and get most of the items unrelated to Marvel, including the comic. Still, they largely work.

Do check out TeeBlox if you like T-Shirts

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