Retro Pop Box 1970s Geek Box Review – February 2016

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I liked the 1980s Retro Pop Box which I got to check out last month.

Retro Pop Box is an unusual geek subscription box, as they offer a choices of boxes each month, based around different retro decades. This time, I went for the 1970s. You can also get 1960s and 1980s boxes, with a 1990s box due to launch in June 2016.

The February 2016 box arrived with me safely, with bigger packaging than the previous month. A lot of effort had clearly gone into presentation, including a stylish box and an inner content wrap with yellow tissue paper.

The box is reasonably priced as well, particularly where UK shipping is concerned. The price for a month-by-month subscription is currently $25 USD (£18 GBP).

The 1970s setting provides massive scope for box content, but the boxes are not otherwise themed. The box did come with an information card, giving the context to the items, which is always useful.


Box Contents

Voyager T-Shirt (Exclusive)

To me, as a science lover, this is one of the coolest T-Shirts that I’ve received in a geek mystery subscription box. It’s also an exclusive design.

It denotes the Voyager spaceships, spreading information about the Earth to the wider galaxy. This is a T-Shirt that I’ll be proud to wear.

The T-Shirt also contained a fun fact sticker, with information about the Voyager missions.

I’ll value this at the T-Shirt standard of $10 USD.

Retro Pop Box 1970s February 2016 Voyager T-Shirt

Mr Bill Bendable Toy

This is clearly a well-known character, but not known to me! The information card makes it clear that this is a 1970s character from Saturday Night Live.

This is a heavy item and clearly fun.

You can buy the Mr. Bill Bendable Toy on The typical selling price is $10 USD.

Retro Pop Box 1970s February 2016 Mr Bill Bendy Doll

KISS Fridge Magnet

This is still a popular act and an official licensed item. This is modeled after the first KISS album.

As an official item, I’ll value this at $5 USD.

Retro Pop Box 1970s February 2016 KISS Fridge Magnet

Stress Joystick

I got this same item in the March 2015 Arcade Block.

You can see the stress joystick on

Selling price is around $9 USD, although I think that’s at the upper end of what this stress toy is worth.

Retro Pop Box 1970s February 2016 Stress Joystick

Pop Rocks Grape Flavour Candy

Popping candy is always fun and I’m keen to try this.

I’m going to guess that the typical price for a small packet like this is $1 USD.

Retro Pop Box 1970s February 2016 Pop Rocks Candy

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Box Review

Another good box.

I make that that $35 USD of value, which is above the cost price.

The items are generally well-chosen as well (although the bendable character, which was one of the main items, still means little to me).

One limitation is that there are only ever five items in these boxes, light for geek mystery boxes. There are also some cheaper looking items, although this is not always reflected in the selling price.

The main appreciation has to go for the T-Shirt, which I would likely have paid more than the standard price for.

I’m looking forward to checking out more decades for Retro Pop Box!

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  1. Geek Subscription Box

    Post Publication Note

    Have been to resubscribe and the price including UK delivery has shot up to $46 USD (£33 GBP) – unfortunately this makes a great box infeasible to purchase for UK buyers

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