My Geek Box Review – September 2015

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I really want to like My Geek Box. They’re a UK box and they’ve supplied interesting items in the past. But, I’ve been having a hard time with them recently and very slow responses from their customer service don’t help either.

I’ve had duplicate payments taken for the same subscription, as well as payments taken in months when they’re not due. I’m also missing the August 2015 box. A courier attempted to deliver this when I was away and rather than keeping this for  a reasonable length of time, it was returned.

So, this is highly likely to be the final My Geek Box review for a while, at least until all the outstanding issues are sorted.

As a positive, My Geek Box reverted to using the more reliable Royal Mail for a fast delivery for the September 2015 “Darkside” box. The standard price for a monthly box within the UK is £17.99 GBP (around $27 USD) but much more considering the extra payments, missing box and all around hassle.


Box Contents

Breaking Bad Official Heisenberg Travel Mug

This was a heavy box and the porcelain Breaking Bad mug was the main reason. I’ve never seen Breaking Bad although I’ve heard many good things about it.

The Breaking Bad Travel Mug sells for around $20 USD on

My Geek Box September 2015 Breaking Bad Travel Mug

Venom T-Shirt

I presume that this is an exclusive, but black text on a white T-Shirt always looks cheap to me.

I will value this at my standard price for T-Shirts of $10 USD.

My Geek Box September 2015 Venom TShirt

Darth Vader Cardboard Mask

This arrived slightly folded to fit in the box. It’s okay for a novelty item, but unlikely to be removed from the packaging.

Similar masks sell for around $5 USD.

My Geek Box September 2015 Darth Vader Mask

Rogue Trooper Comic (Exclusive Cover)

I don’t know anything about this comic, but it’s linked to the 2000 AD family.

From my research, it looks like it reprints three previous Rogue Trooper stories from the past few years.

I have to assume that it’s an exclusive printing as it has the My Geek Box logo on the back. An information card in the My Geek Box boxes would help.

This is a one-off comic which is good. Always pleasant to have something that doesn’t make you feel like you have to buy a full series.

No price on this one. I’ll assume a standard comic price of around $4 USD.

My Geek Box September 2015 RogueTrooper

Nerds Candy

A cheap but tasty treat like this is always appreciated in the boxes. These are “seriously strawberry” flavour.

The value is around $1 USD.

My Geek Box September 2015 Nerds

Star Wars Colouring Pencils

These are coloured pencils in a cylindrical case with built-in pencil sharper.

Another present sorted.

Really not sure who My Geek Box think that their audience is with this one.

I can’t find these exact pencils online, but I estimate their value at $5 USD.

My Geek Box September 2015 Star Wars Pencils

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Box Review

A weak box.

The raw value from summing the contents is $45 USD, but most of the items in the box I wouldn’t pay anywhere near the list price for.

Lots of cheap looking items in this one. The one potential item with any real value, the Travel Mug, just doesn’t grab my interest.

There is a separate My Geek Box series for children, so it’s difficult to understand why so many “young” items are included in the “adult” box.

My Geek Box sometimes do excellent boxes, but all the problems and the weak box have just drawn this subscription to a natural end for me.

If all the customer service issues get sorted, I’ll try again in a few months, but right now, it’s a no to My Geek Box.

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