Loot Wear Wearable And Socks Geek Clothing Review – December 2018

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This is another very delayed Loot Wear package, which despite being expected in December 2018, didn’t arrive until the middle of 2019.

Loot Wear, part of the Loot Crate company, offers a selection of combinations of geek clothing items each month. I tried a different combination to usual with this package, going for one that is meant to contain a wearable item and two pairs of socks.

When this did arrive, it came in the same outer wrap as the other Loot Wear options and also had an information sheet with details of the items, this time with the theme Scavenge.

Including the surchange for shipping to the UK, this combination priced in pounds costs £23 GBP ($29 USD) per month. You can subscribe for longer than one month to receive a discount. The pricing can change occasionally based on the exchange rate.


Box Contents

Dungeons And Dragons Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Exclusive)

This is billed in the information sheet as a Jersey, but I’m used to referring to this as a long sleeve T-Shirt.

I do rather like this with the logo, the dice on the sleeve and Crit 20 printed on the back.

I’ll price this slightly ahead of a standard T-Shirt, at $15 USD.

Escape From New York Socks (Exclusive)

These are very wearable black Crew style socks, with the Statue of Liberty printed on them in outline form.

I’ll use my standard value for pair of socks. That is $10 USD.

Die Hard Socks (Exclusive)

This is a duplicate for me, since I also ordered the Loot Wear Risky Business package for December 2018.

I’m not a huge fan, but they are brightly coloured and they do come with grips on the bottom, so you could wear them around the house on wooden floors.

Again, I’ll price these at $10 USD.

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Box Review

A decent selection of items. The value, at $35 USD, exceeds the cost price.

My favourite item is the T-Shirt. Good when you want to cover your arms but still stay cool.

Both pairs of socks will get worn as usual, but the Escape From New York pair is easily the winner.

Obviously the biggest disappointment is the continual delay with these.

To me, Loot Wear is a good introductory geek subscription. I can’t recommend signing up for multiple months at present, but it’s always worth taking a look what’s on offer.

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