Loot Wear Risky Business Missing Boxer Shorts Review – February 2019

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This is a single item review, covering the boxer shorts from the Loot Wear Risky Business for February 2019.

The boxers shorts were missing when the package was originally sent to me. I only received a T-Shirt and pair of socks.

The boxer shorts eventually arrived as the only item in a package with the theme Transformation.

Subscriptions to Loot Wear Risky Business continue to be available. Including postage to the UK, you can expect to pay £18 GBP ($23 USD) per month, although discounts are sometimes available.


Box Contents

Tranformers Boxer Shorts (Exclusive)

The design on these is very tightly printed, so it looks more like a pattern than anything to do with Transformers. They are wearable.

I value these geek boxer shorts at $10 USD.

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Box Review

The red and blue boxer shorts complete this package to give an overall value of $30 USD. That’s pushed up above the cost price.

There’s not really much more to add. When it works, Loot Wear is a good geek clothing brand. But you need to be willing to put up with delays.

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