Loot Gaming Geek Box Review – October 2017

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As only an occasional gamer (and, more of a retro gamer), I love the idea of Loot Gaming but it’s not a box I could buy all the time.

I picked up the October 2017 box during a special discount offer and because I liked some of the franchises advertised in advance. This has to have the record of being one of the slowest deliveries to the UK in a long time, not arriving with me until December.

Loot Gaming is one of the Loot Crate family of boxes. It is a themed box for gamers, with this edition coming with the theme Demon.

This one was a small box (typical Loot Crate size) with information about the items appearing on the back of a large poster.

The price for a single box, including shipping to the UK is £28 GBP ($35 USD). Prices to the UK are now in pounds, although they update occasionally based on the exchange rate.

Box Contents

Diablo T-Shirt (Exclusive)

A simple black and white design, which I know a lot of people will like.

I value this, like other T-Shirts, at $10 USD.

Doom Shot Glasses (Exclusive)

Shot Glasses are always useful and Doom is a classic game.

These come with the design of the super shot gun shells used in the game. That means they’re longer and thinner than other shot glasses.

I presume that these are an exclusive as they come with the Loot Crate logo on the box.

Based on similar items, I’ll value these at $8 USD.

Doom Space Marine Funko POP! Vinyl

Another Doom item, this is a great POP! Games series item, with the green Space Marine.

You can see the Doom Space Marine Funko POP! Vinyl on Amazon.com. Based on the pricing there, I’ll value this at $11 USD.

Dungeons And Dragons Playing Cards

These are billed as Demons and Devils (but carry the D&D logo on the box side).

They aren’t billed as an exclusive, although the information sheet notes that Loot Crate and Wizards of the Coast worked together to design the cards.

Based on similar items, I’ll value these at $8 USD.

Skyrim Lords Of The Daedra Book

It’s always good to have a book included in a geek subscription box.

This is a small size, approximately A5, running 64 pages long. It is hard bound.

There is no price or bar code information, so I presume that this isn’t widely available, although it doesn’t seem to be an exclusive.

I’ll value this at $5 USD.

Doom Poster (Exclusive)

This is a poster that doubles up as the information sheet (which is on the reverse).

It reminds me of the game a lot.

I won’t assign a value for this one, but this would display well.

Demon Pin (Exclusive)

This says 50 Cal on it.

I’m not much of a fan of pins, but this is quite subtle so I can see that people would wear it (but the bullet reference just wouldn’t work for me).

I’ll assign a token value of $1 USD.

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Box Review

A decent Loot Gaming mystery package. I value this at $43 USD, which is above the cost price.

There are several exclusive items included, as well as others that are hard to get hold of.

I like almost all of the items, particularly the playing cards and Funko POP! Vinyl.

To me, Loot Gaming is a subscription which is worth picking up when the theme or spoilers are from gaming franchises that I like. Keep a look out and there are some excellent Loot Gaming boxes out there.

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