Loot Gaming Geek Box Review – July 2017

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It’s been over a year since I last reviewed Loot Gaming. I was pulled back by curiosity and a discount offer, even though I’m not that much of a modern gamer.

If you’re not familiar with Loot Gaming, it’s a member of the (now large) Loot Crate family of boxes. The gaming box does also come themed, with this month’s being based around Booty.

The box arrived safely in the UK in a massive container compared to the normal Loot Crate size. It did also get a little battered in transit, including a T-Shirt hanging out, although as far as I can tell, all of the contents were complete. Folding the box inside out makes it looks like a treasure chest.

The information about the products inside is provided in rather a strange fashion, with a large poster format. One side contains a picture, the other contains details of the items. As you’ll see on the unboxing video, several items were oversized, which made this one rather difficult to film and unbox.

The current price for a single box, including shipping to the UK is £28 GBP ($35 USD). Loot Crate has recently moved to price items in British pounds for UK buyers. The price does seem to vary a bit depending on the exchange range.

Box Contents

Crash Bandicoot T-Shirt (Exclusive)

I rather like this one, which is a navy blue T-Shirt with a golden yellow print.

I value this, like other T-Shirts, at $10 USD.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Edward Kenway Figure (Exclusive)

This looks a well-designed pirate figure. Not one I know much about, but I believe quite a pivotal character in the game universe.

Based on similar figures in geek boxes, I’ll value this at $10 USD.

Sea Of Thieves Towel (Exclusive)

This is a good sized towel, which will always come in handy.

The design is quite fun as well and really captures the pirates and booty theme.

Towels can vary a lot of in price. This one isn’t particularly thick, but it is an exclusive, so I’ll value this at $8 USD.

Sea Of Thieves Poster (Exclusive)

This is a poster that doubles up as the information sheet (on the reverse).

The design is quite fun and I imagine you could iron it if you wanted to display it (otherwise it’s very creased).

I won’t assign a value for this one.

Booty Pin (Exclusive)

The Loot Crate family of boxes always seem to include a pin and this Loot Gaming box is no exception.

The old style pin actually looks quite nice and would wear well on a pirate outfit.

I’ll use a $2 USD value here.

Uncharted Wallet (Exclusive)

I really like this leather look wallet (it’s not real leather but that’s probably a good choice here).

I’ve been disappointed with a lot of wallets in geek boxes as they have nowhere for coins. This has a coin pocket as well as space for some cards.

I’d be tempted to use this a coin pouch, alongside a more traditional wallet. It could also be a stylish holder for business cards.

The wallet also comes with a replica coin inside it.

I’ll value this at $10 USD.

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Box Review

A box with great items, which still work without being overly familiar with all of the games.

I get $40 USD of value here, which is above the cost price. If you’re a fan of the games, you may value this at a highest price point.

What I do like is that the four main items are all decent, with the wallet being a standout for me.

Booty was a wise choice for a Loot Gaming box. This is a box that gamers will love. Definitely one worth a closer look.

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