Loot Crate DX Missing Item Geek Box Review – November 2018

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This isn’t a full review, but it is a look at an item from Loot Crate DX, a box that I’ve never reviewed here at Geek Subscription Box before.

If you watched the unboxing video, you’re probably rather confused. The short version of the story is, I ordered the December 2018 Loot Crate DX, but the firm shipped me an item that was missing from the November 2018 Loot Crate DX. To further add confusion, this arrived in a Loot Crate box and as part of a two box deliver (along with the December 2018 Loot Crate DX).

And, to not help even further, these arrived by the courier firm Yodel, which is not well reviewed in the UK, instead of through Royal Mail who normally handle these deliveries.

Figured that out?

If not, this is a one item review. I won’t go through the pricing due to the nature of this item and there was no information sheet included.

The theme for this box would have been Laboratory.


Box Contents

Breaking Bad Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Exclusive)

I can’t say anything bad about this T-Shirt. It’s a good green colour, reflective of the Laboratory theme.

Always handy to have some long sleeve T-Shirts around.

The label makes it clear that this is both a Loot Wear exclusive and that it has been found inside Loot Crate DX. All along with being an official licensed item.

As this is long sleeved, I’ll price it slightly above my usual T-Shirt price point at $15 USD.

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Box Review

What can I say. Thanks to Loot Crate for this extra item.

It’s useful and wearable. And it’s good to see that the IT problems that sometimes mean they don’t manage to ship items also mean they sometimes ship extra items as well.

Loot Crate DX has a lot of potential with higher quality items than the regular Loot Crate.

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