Infinity Crates Geek Box Review – January 2017

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The Infinity Crates UK geek box release for January 2017 came with the theme Retro V2, a follow up to a previous box. A theme with lots of potential.

The box was delivered safely through Royal Mail, but for the second month in a row, my box lacked an information card. Thankfully, the items this time were relatively easy to identify, but I always like to know what the alternates are that could have been inside.

There are several different pricing options in place for Infinity Crates, which comes with a guaranteed T-Shirt and Funko POP! Vinyl every month.

This review covers the longest-serving crate they offer, which is the Classic Crate. This currently sells for £19.99 GBP ($25 USD) including delivery within the UK.

The other options include the Premium Crate at £26.99 GBP, the Kids Crate at £19.99 GBP and the T-Shirt Only Crate at £10.99 GBP. Discounts are also available for longer-term subscriptions.

Infinity Crates also keeps a list of interests and preferred fan areas. That means they can choose some items based on your interests. This is meant to include both the Funko POP! Vinyl and the T-Shirt, but the matches aren’t always 100% successful.


Box Contents

Back To The Future T-Shirt (Exclusive)

I like this red design, which is one of the better Infinity Crates offers. It covers a memorable moment from a well-known film.

It carries the message “I drive at 88 mph”.

The print is relatively simple, but the use of three colours makes this stand out.

I’ll value this at the T-Shirt standard of $10 USD.

She-Hulk Funko POP! Vinyl

This is number 147 in the POP! Marvel collection.

It’s a nice design and a new character for my collection.

The She-Hulk Funko POP! Vinyl is available on The typical value is $10 USD.

Zelda Necklace

I remember this style of unisex necklace being popular in the 1990s, so it fits in well with this box.

Leather cords used to be all the rage for these, but I guess times have changed. This is a thinner black cord.

The talisman on the end is a triangle design with a middle triangle missing, which I’m told is Zelda. I wouldn’t have recognised this without the help, which is a peril of not getting an information card. It’s a cool design anyway.

I’m going to go with my recollection of similar items and assign a value of $5 USD, although you may be able to pick up something similar for less money.

Fireball Jawbreaker Sweets

These are five pieces of round bubblegum with a hard shell, almost gobstopper like until you break in. I can’t remember this particular brand but I remember this style of sweets (candy) being popular when I was younger.

I’ve tried these. The outer shell is quite intense, so you need to break in to get the more relaxed flavour.

These sell for under $1 USD a pack, but for convenience, I’ll value these at $1 USD.

Always good to have some sweets in a geek box.

Nike Key Ring

This is a rubber key ring looking like a Nike trainer. The design, with the coloured heels, also reminds me a bit of the buttons on a games controller.

A change from the norm and this fits in well with the theme.

Based on how I’ve valued similar items in previous Infinity Crates, I’ll value this at $3 USD.

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Box Review

Not too much to the box this month, but I liked the items that were here.

There’s $29 USD of value here, which is just above the cost price.

The best item has to be the She-Hulk Funko POP! Vinyl, but the T-Shirt is good too. And, always a bonus to get some sweets.

The necklace with the pendant is a good change as well.

I don’t that Infinity Crates are getting this completely right at the moment, but it’s always good to see and support a mainstay of the geek subscription box scene.

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