Arcade Block Grab Block Review – October 2015

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I last reviewed an Arcade Block in April 2015, so when the opportunity came around to get items from previous Arcade Blocks at a discounted price, I jumped at the opportunity.

Arcade Block is one of the monthly subscription boxes available from the Nerd Block family. Occasionally, they release Grab Blocks, containing a selection of remainder items from previous boxes at a reduced price, including a guaranteed T-Shirt.

With a few months having gone by since my previous Arcade Block, I thought that there was a good chance of getting a set of items that were new to me here.

I have also reviewed a previous Arcade Block Grab Block in April 2015, which will give you an idea of some of the other items that you can find in Arcade Block.

As a Grab Block, different purchasers will receive different items. Due to the unique combination of items, this also means that there is no information card included.

With the special offer of a reduced price Grab Block alongside a full-price Nerd Block family subscription, this Grab Block cost $22.49 USD (£15 GBP) including shipping to the UK.

Dispatch from Canada was slower than I expected, although once shipped, this took about one week to get to me in the UK. The final stage of the UK delivery was conveniently through Royal Mail.


Box Contents

Team Fortress 2 T-Shirt (Exclusive)

This is one of the usual high quality T-Shirts exclusively manufactured for the boxes by Shirt Punch and was in the June 2015 Arcade Block.

I’m not familiar with the game, which I believe it the modern shooter, but the T-Shirt has traditional Nintendo stylings.

Even without knowing the game, the style stands out and I’m happy to value this at the T-Shirt standard of $10 USD.

Arcade Block Grab Block October 2015 TShirt

Evolve Maggie Funko POP! Vinyl

This is part of the POP! Games series and was one of several Evolve items that were sent as part of the July 2015 Arcade Block.

It’s not a game I’ve played, but great to have a POP! included.

You can buy the Evolve Maggie Funko POP! For $8 USD on

Arcade Block Grab Block October 2015 Evolve Maggie Funko Pop Vinyl

Portal 2 Magnet Set (Exclusive)

This is a set of four round fridge magnets from the June 2015 Arcade Block.

I like the simple black and white styling.

I’ll value these at $5 USD for the set.

Arcade Block Grab Block October 2015 Portal 2 Fridge Magnets

Sonic Worlds Unite Battles #1 Comic (Exclusive Cover)

This is the first in a Sonic crossover series and came in the July 2015 Arcade Block. This is bagged and boarded, but in the style of packaging that has to be cut open to access the comic.

I haven’t read this yet, but my impression is that it’s aimed towards children.

The standard version of the comic sells for $3.99 USD.

Arcade Block Grab Block October 2015 Sonic Comic

Blue Shell On Board Hanging Car Sign (Exclusive)

This is a large sign which is inspired by Mario Kart and it’s quite a fun item.

These attach to a car windscreen, although I don’t tend to use anything like this as it’s something of a distraction. I do like this though and used to play a lot of Mario Kart.

I presume that this an exclusive as it has the Nerd Block information printed on the packaging.

I’ll value this at $5 USD.

Arcade Block Grab Block October 2015 Blue Shell On Board Sign

Street Fighter Ryu LED Torch Key Ring

This is a duplicate item for me, as it was in one of the few Arcade Blocks I’ve purchased before, the April 2015 box.

It is a functional and convenient item through and one that I can easily gift.

The Street Fighter Ryu LED Torch sells for $10 USD on

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Box Review

Very happy with the value in this Grab Block.

There are no really cheap items in the 6 items included and even the fridge magnets have a good feel about them.

The duplicate item (the Ryu torch and key ring) is one of the better ones. And, I really like the T-Shirt.

I put the total value at $42 USD, nearly double the cost price.

As a collector (and occasional gamer), my interest does like more with older collectible and retro games, but the modern items were not a turn-off here.

I would happily buy more Arcade Block Grab Blocks, particularly if I was unlikely to get too many duplicate items (anyone know how wide the selection of items being shipped is)?

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